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Re: What would you do differently?

Well, this is my first, so it's not necessarily anything I'm doing different one time to another, but I am doing some things differently after knowing my cousin's troubles with birth 1 and much better experience with birth 2 and then seeing my friend/sister-in-law's birth in person. My plan is for a home birth, but no matter what, these are the things I will be insisting upon based on my research & the above-mentioned experiences that were shared with me.

1. Free movement whenever I feel like it.

2. Eat and drink whenever/whatever I want.

3. No induction with oxytocin ever. If for some reason, induction is recommended, then I will try natural methods with nipple stimulation, exercise, sex, etc., before anything else. As my midwife says, there is no good estimation of the length of gestation, especially when you don't know your ovulation date, when the baby implanted, and exactly how fast your baby is growing. Think of how each toddler learns to walk & talk at different stages: Why wouldn't two fetuses be ready for birth at slightly different rates?

4. No pain medications but especially no epidural.

5. No episiotomy ever.

6. No visitors during labor & birth (well maybe in very early labor, but it's hard to get rid of them once they are there) except maybe my mom. Undecided on visitors after that, but anyone who wants to stay more than an hour will have to do dishes, cook, or some other housework!
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