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Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar
5) On this board, this may get me flamed, but: accept that it's okay to fail at breastfeeding, and no matter what herbs and pumping sessions were done, when only four ounces of milk are made in an entire day, my motherhood and sense of self is not defined by being successful or unsuccessful at breastfeeding.
No flaming at all. I have also resolved to make peace with whatever my body does. I had several hemorrhages after having DS and I just stopped producing much milk after I started having issues. I felt guilted by my OB and several lactation consultants as I kept trying to get a decent supply back. Meanwhile, they had me on loads of drugs (including hormones) which I feel sure were the reason for my halted production. If I require meds to control bleeding again, I will pump what I can and move on to formula. I will not endure that Hell again.

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