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I have NO pictures either and it sucks

I also am not playing the breastfeeding hell game again. I had insane oversupply, had to borrow money to rent a hospital grade pump to stave off mastitis. My nipples cracked and bled for weeks even though by all accounts our latch was fine. I leaked all the time. Breastfeeding was excruciating for seriously the entire first two or three months. Every time my baby cried I just wanted to run away because I knew he wanted to nurse and I knew it was going to hurt like hell.

In the end I quit because he was dairy sensitive and I had been through ENOUGH. I was so proud of how far I made it, but honestly, never again. If it sucks and I hate it, I'm quitting. I feel like BFing was a huge part of my ppd and delayed bonding with ds.

I also said no induction, no pit, no epidural, no episiotomy.

Then I developed cholestasis and that was one diagnosis I wasn't going to mess with. So I had the induction, the pit, the epidural, and the episiotomy.

This time I'll be prepared for a possible repeat diagnosis though. I will start trying to ripen my cervix much earlier. I'll accept the pit but I want it turned off after labor is started in earnest. I have decided the epidural wasn't the worst thing in the world and I may have another but weaker. Much weaker. I also hope to do lots of perineal massage to avoid needing an episiotomy.
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