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Labor Pains?!

Not sure this is a good spot to put this but oh well, here goes! I'm 35+5 today *yay* and I've been having cramps more period like cramps all week well tonight they have decided to spike a bit. They've been coming in waves but theres been a constant cramp with them also. It's been going on for an hour working on two. Nothing I do is slowing them or making them better. I've tried walking, drinking water, eating ice, changing positions and nothing is helping. Walking hurts worse because he is super low and I'm already dilated 3cm. (since week 34) this is my second child, I didn't get to experience much of natural labor with my DS1 I was induced and got my epidural soon after the contractions got "bad" so honestly I don't really know what to expect. I didn't even have decent BH with him. So just kinda wondering what to expect/ should I be doing anything now or what? It's nothing to call my doctor but the fact I don't know really what to expect and don't want to be the false alarm lady either so...

Thanks in Advance!!!
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