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Re: Labor Pains?!

Yes, time them.

Honestly I never had pre labor pains/contractions until DS4. Well actually only one night each with 1 and 2, then they were born 4 days later. But with DS4 it was crazy. About 2 weeks before he was born I would get random contractions pretty close together for an hour at a time. But....they stopped when I rested eventually. I really thought I was in labor at times as I hadn't experienced it this frequent with the other kids.

So then I started ignoring and one morning my 2 yr old broke his leg . I was obviously pretty stressed and ignored the contractions as I was focused on the 2 yr old. To the point where I realized I was 3 mins apart at the ortho, they were offering to call an ambulance, lol. Made it fine to the hospital though and he came quickly.

So just pay attention to them as each pg is different. He did come early in the end by about 10 days. 1 and 2 were overdue. I do think they help you speed up the labor a bit as they are doing something. Good Luck!
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