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-SOLD-Fuzzibunz OS

I have a stash of OS fuzzibunz that I got from here but I am not feeling the fuzzibunz love. The two that I used work perfectly fine. I just prefer my bG.

They are the older style (not elite) and are GUC. The insides are pilly and they are varying shades of white to off white. They have a slight perfume scent that is probably the detergent from the previous owner. The elastics are good and don't seem worn out at all. I will also include the extra elastics that they came with and one insert.

I am asking $10ppd each or $9ppd each if you buy 3 or more.

Available are

5 1 Choco truffle, 2 Earth day, 1 white, 1 kumquat, 1 blue

6 mint, 6 2 buttercream



Varying shades of white
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