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Originally Posted by juliasmom View Post
I haven't used them myself, but I am interested in them. I have oversupply and leaked a ton from the other breast at letdown. I am sure I could've collected a good amount using these. My question...isn't it all foremilk? I don't think you would want to make your baby a bottle composed from a days worth of milk collected this way, right? So what is the best use for this milk...did you just mix an ounce or so with another pumping session that emptied the breast, only used it for cereal, etc?
Yes and no. Mother's milk doesn't just change to hind milk all of a sudden. The first little bit will be watery and it will gradually get more cream. I used it for occasional feedings - one feeding that's a little more watery is going to hurt baby. Probably wouldn't want all the feedings in a day to be collected milk, but one for a babysitter isn't a bad thing.

To the OP, I have one, don't use it anymore, but in the first few months I collected a good 3 day stash between that and occasional pumping. I wanted a stash just in case I got sick - prone to nasty migraines. I don't really leak any more and havn't for months - my nursling is nearly 14 mos.
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