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Re: Preggo Twin Mama Buddy Group!

Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
This is exactly why I'm in the situation I'm currently in with seeing nurse practitioners in a clinic. So that I can deliver at the hospital with the best nicu and not at the local hospital with just a regular nursery. The good hospital is an hour away though. It sucks right now, but with my history of PTL there was no way I was chancing it at the country hospital. Now watch me go to 39wks or something crazy like that!
I hope you can come to a decision that gives you peace.
Hubby thinks I should wait until they notice something, like contractions, or a shortened cervix, or something like that. I really DO want to deliver here, because they nurses are great, and the midwives advocate so well for natural (or more natural) birthing and to help you avoid a C-section. I honestly suppose if I did go into spontaneous labor, that I could drive myself to the other hospital and asked to get delivered there because of their NICU.

Hubby also said, if I am worried about it so much, I need to start acting like it at home. I do a lot, but I kind of have to. He said if you really want to stay local, get as far as you can to full term, and not need the NICU or other hospital, you need to start doing pretty much nothing during the day. I agree. While I would love to stay active, if going early means chaos for keeping our family together, having hubby visit in the hospital while still going to work since he has limited time off, I need to be more cautious. I'm just NOT use to all this, my other pregnancies I just do whatever until 38 weeks, then I work on helping labor start. This is just so different. Sorry for my vent, I'm also 10x more emotional than my other pregnancies, too!
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