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Is this normal?

My son was born at exactly 38 weeks on July 18. He was IVF so no doubt about that. He was born via planned c-section with NO labor at all. He was born at 6 lbs 4 oz. At 8 days old he had to go under the bili lights for a night. Since that time he has been SLOWLY gaining weight. Today he finally got back to his birth weight.

The Ped is making me go in several times a week for weight checks. Last week I had enough of it and purchased a scale. I was able to call in his weight yesterday and today but now they want us back in there on Thursday!! I tried to ask if I could just come in on Tuesday when I have his 1 month check but that was refused.

Am I right in thinking this is insane? I am EBF and he has been gaining 1 oz a day for the last 5+ days. They want me to supplement but I am refusing since I am needing breast pads for EVERY feeding or every 2 hours. I feel like this doctor hates breastfeeding so she is doing this to us.

Thank you for the help.
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