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I work one or two days a week and my EBF baby completely refused the bottle when I went back at 6 weeks. A few times she took the Lansinoh Momma bottle, so I'd give that one a try if you haven't already, but it was short-lived. Then around 4 mos I introduced the Avent silicone soft spout sippy and she does sooo much better with that. Before the sippy, she just wouldn't eat and she'd scream the whole time DH or the sitter tried to feed her. She made up for it at night, and when I got home, but while I was at work she just didn't eat. She's a healthy weight and I figured there are plenty of babies who sleep thru the night at 12 wks (none of mine did, but I hear they're out there!), so going one day would be fine.
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