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Re: Mama Cloth - Your Favorites?? (SPAM welcome)

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post

I used to rave about Go With the Flo on here a lot but I've been very disappointed with the last two orders. If you can find the older version of GWTF pads they are GREAT! The cut was wonderful and the colors stayed so nice. I have some that have been in rotation 7 years and they look great. Pads from the newer style/dye lots look really bad after only a few months. Makes me a little sad because I so loved them.

I never did check back in with you about those (since we had ordered at the same time). I'm bummed that they ended up being so bad for you. I actually found that my problems "washed out." Even though the colors on two looked like they had bleached out where my blood had been, there was one wash (where I momentarily stuck them in hot oxygen bleach) that changed them back. Go figure. I do have one pad from my first order with her, though, that really faded, or else maybe it just seems nondescript now next to my prettier dye patterns.

I will say that I was surprised by the pile difference between my 12" minky shapeds and my 12" OBV shapeds. I now understand that it is common knowedge that there is a pile difference between these toppers, but I simply did not know. I think I would have gotten more Party in my Pants and less GWTF if I had realized that they would be slightly thicker (but then, I have a really flat butt, and GWTF shaped are still much thinner than most brands).

If I were starting over, I'd be really interested in trying Pampered Mama's new OBV creations. I did like her cut, and she was super nice.
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