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Re: If you're atheist or non-Christian...

Dh and I are both atheists now (I have some pantheist leanings I guess) but I was Celtic Pagan for a very long time (about 11 to 27 or so). Celebrating Pagan holidays is just normal to me and it was pretty hard to give up, so I didn't give them all up. Our families are also Christian so we get sucked into family holidays. We do "Christmas" with family though this year will be weird as we are not speaking to my side of the family. Usually it means Christmas Eve with dh's family, Christmas morning at home and Christmas day with my family. My family is "Christian" but mostly that means my dad is a hypocrite who likes to talk ad nauseum about everything wrong with everyone else while we celebrate a secular holiday. My mother pretends like nothing is going on. But that is probably a different subject. I say dh and I celebrate Krismas. We have the tree, Santa, lights, presents ect. So this year it will be us at home with our kids and it will be wonderful!!!! No rushing, no chaos, no whining cousin (or immature SIL). I can't wait actually.

Other than that we do the Easter Bunny a little. I was never big on Easter. When I practiced with an actual circle we did Oestara and when I was with a UU church we did some nice Solstice things but as an atheist it is just sort of silly to me. I've just never been really into it. The boys like dying eggs and Kearnan likes hard boiled eggs so we do it. I hate Thanksgiving so I don't know what we will do this year. Not speaking to my family means no Thanksgiving there. I love the parade and Dog Show so that is what I normally do. We also do the big sales (harder with the kids in tow. I don't actually like the food so I don't know what we will make. Probably roasted brussels, roasted root veggies and some sort of home made bread.

Halloween is our big holiday here. I LOVE Halloween. We do it huge every year. We go to everything I can find Halloween or fall centered. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, movies (we watch them at home or at theaters), trunk or treat, trick or treat, baking, special meals ect. We just love it. We do a whole curriculum for Halloween.

We also celebrate birthdays, I either make a special meal or take the person out to dinner (sometimes both). I bake a cake, pie whatever. The kids still get birthday parties with their friends, dh and I usually pick an activity to do as a family. This year I chose to go hiking at the lake and then we went and had coffee together. I don't know what dh wants but his b-day is coming. He loves movies so that may be what we do. We haven't been to a theater in a while.
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