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Originally Posted by Mama*Kim
I'm about 9 weeks. For the last week, I'm sleeping terribly. Waking up a ton and not able to fall back to sleep easily. Sometimes I need to pee, sometimes I'm not comfortable, others are just random. Which of course means I'm even more tired all day. Help! I need my beauty sleep!
Before you try unisom or a medicine try this!

Law of Attraction Hypnosis by Mindifi - The Secret Power to Attract Desires by Mindifi LLC

It is an app for the iPhone and I have been troubled with sleep issues for my whole life and the free one puts me right to sleep

When you download the app there is one session that is free and I just use that one over ad over. Seriously it is awesome! I am thinking of getting the other sessions too when you open it it will ask you if you want all the sessions for $20 but just click no and try the free one.
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