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Question about blocked ducts

I think I have a blocked duct, possibly two of them in my left breast. It is so painful and tender. I fed my LO off that side and then pumped until nothing else came out. It still is super tender. With a blocked duct, once you clear the duct, is the pain relief immediate or does it take a while to start to feel better? I am so discouraged. I am already taking soy lecithin because it's supposed to he prevent this. (with my last baby I had severe mastitis that out me in the hospital on IV meds for 5 days. I can't let this get to that point!!! My DH is in the army and gone right now, so it's just me and our 3 kids, age 3, 18 months, and 2 weeks.)
Someone please tell me that this is nothing but a blocked duct and it will feel better in an hour or so. Please!
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