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Re: Question about blocked ducts

Originally Posted by Teexie View Post
Mine would be sore for another day or so. Not as bad, but sore.

I had plugged ducts almost weekly til my DD was 1 yr. It sucked but luckily I was able to take care of them before they progressed to mastitis. Are you going braless?? I've always needed to wear a bra but started going braless even in public because it really helped me avoid them.
No I am wearing a bra, but it is a super stretchy cotton one with no underwire. I am bigger breasted and I have to wear a bra, unfortunately. I try to stick to soft cup styles without underwire, but going braless would be hard also because I also have vasospasms in my nipples and the feeling of my nipples touching my shirt is super painful. Ugh I can't win with this breastfeeding thing!!!
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