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Re: Heavy periods, still breastfeeding

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
Have you tried a progesterone only pill? It seems crazy to jump to a combo pill immediately without first trying some that is breastfeeding safe.

Have you tried more natural things to treat it? For example, red raspberry leaf, fish oil or Magnesium? Sometimes our bodies respond crazily to our cycles because they're lacking some thing nutritional. I would consult a naturopath before even considering weaning.

There's some interesting info here about Vitamin K deficiency.
The POP decreased my supply, as did the Mirena, and both are supposed to be compatible with breastfeeding. The Mirena nearly ended breastfeeding for us since it took me a month to get it out. This is my 3rd bf baby, so I know it wasn't my imagination.

Also the dr said that the POP could actually make periods worse, they are not usually prescribed for managing periods.

I haven't tried any natural remedies, but just b/c I don't know of any. I am open to them. I'll look into those suggestions. Thanks.
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