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Re: Aug 13 -*OCTOBER*- CHAT

Missy! It doesn't sound like you are having fun at all. I hope your day gets better!

As to the subject of DH's, I actually feel like I am a baby hog. I wanted another baby for SOOOOOOOOOOO long that now I feel like I need to remind myself that DH wanted him too. DH gets home around 6:30 and I am LUCKY to get Nathaniel to 8:30 before he has to go to bed (and therefore so do I as I co-sleep) so DH doesn't get much time with him. A few minutes here or there really. We both know that he is only going to be little for a short period of time so we are dealing with what we get.

I have no idea where my weight is right now. I have to see my oncologist in about a month so I guess I will find out then. With M I didn't loose till I stopped breastfeeding.

Last night went well for us. No one knocked on our door.

Today it is stormy but warm out. Unseasonably warm. I sat down on my bed after I got dressed and I thought the thermometer was broken! It was nearly 70 degrees out! I plan to go grocery shopping today, do school work with DS and hopefully work on N's cow hat. Oh and I have to update the blog from yesterday's day in the life of Nathaniel.

Erica - N doesn't have set nap times either. He just has times when he is normally asleep. I do these days where I write down everything because it is fun to look back and see how they were.
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