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Re: Those who had a previous hemmorhage- question for you

First off I have only had one severe hemorrhage and honestly it is the reason we are done having kids it was super terrifying.

All of my doctors told me - after my hemorrhage - that as you have more kids your chances of having this complication increase. Since you have a history of it now you are at a much higher risk of having another hemorrhage. I would tell you doctor now and remind them periodically so they can be on top of it and ready for it should it occur.

I am not sure about ways to avoid or prevent but I don't know if induction/epi has anything to do with it. Wanting a natural birth is cool (I had 3 I am not knocking it) but I bled out after an intervention free birth - I only had a hep well (sp?)

I had heavy bleeding after each birth but it always stopped with fundal massage. The last time after his birth I had fundal massage, Pitocin, manual removal of clots (repeatedly - ugh!), several attempts at placing a balloon that failed and then finally a uterine artery embolization. If that had failed, which luckily it didn't, I would have had a hysterectomy, but they were trying very hard to avoid that because I had lost so much blood that thought I could go into DIC. So after 2 blood transfusions and a whole night of postpartum interventions I was thankfully and blessedly alive.

Not sure this was helpful but I understand your fear, I really do, but I wish I knew of something preventative.
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