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Re: Those who had a previous hemmorhage- question for you

I had one with DD, 9 1/2 years ago. First baby (I was 18), I developed pre eclampsia, they induced, labor was longer, they had broken my water, started my IV with pitocin and meds for the pre e. I felt like I was on fire (from the meds), I was in pain and waited as long as I could hold out to get an epidural. Got it, it worked for a bit, then failed, they gave another dose, which leaked out (they didn't realize), ended up having to get a whole nother epidural, that hadn't taken full effect by delivery (I felt a LOT).

I hemmoraged immediately after delivering my DD, buckets full everywhere, my DR was screaming at the nurses, elbow deep manually massaging my uterus trying to get it to contract. It was AWFUL, I was going in and out and remember bits and pieces and the pain. I was in and out for a couple days after that, very sore uterus, they asked if I wanted a transfusion and told me if I got up and was dizzy, they were going to give me one (I told them I wasn't, but was), I didn't get to hold DD much while I was in the hospital because I was in and out and so weak. I also had heavy PP bleeding and was still bleeding at my 6 week PP visit, I was also anemic for a while.

Anyways, my experience scared me into not wanting anymore kids, I was scared I would have the same occurrence the next time, or worse (not make it) as my GG grandmother died of the same thing.

I got pregnant again (lots of years later), he's now 13 months old. I expressed my concerns with my Dr. He opted to induce me to try to avoid the same things happening. He said that with a long labor and the medicine I'd been given, were all things that could make you more prone to bleed. He still broke my water, started pitocin, etc. I got an epidural again (also didn't work, it was very spotty and I could feel my legs, part of my stomach and everything going on once he started transitioning down). Delivery HURT, but I didn't hemmorage. In fact, I was up walking with my son ready to do it all over again within a couple hours, THAT is how different the experience was for me. PP bleeding was very light for me in comparison to my DD and was over by week 4, and my period was back at week 6. I was also out of the hospital 24 hours after DS was born and took my DD to her soccer game the following morning.

I'm pregnant again, with DS #2 and kiddo #3, not as worried about bleeding anymore and I feel like I'm in good hands with my doctor.

Good luck mama and every experience can be different.
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