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Re: At what point did you feel a strong connection with LO?

With DS1, from the moment I found out it started building. The milestones made it more real (first kick, seeing a blob that looked like a baby on the U/S, etc.) and it increased as time went on. I had a gender disappointment period when I found out he was a boy. Not because I wanted a girl, but I felt like he was a girl, dreamed he was a girl, had a perfect girl name and no boy name, etc. But I got past that pretty quickly and adjusted. Insta-love the moment he was born.

With DS2, not until around he was 6-8mo. So, not at all during pregnancy, and quite a while after birth. I'm still working on it, actually. I tried pretty much everything. Talking to my stomach, making a journal thingy for him, prepping baby stuff, all of that. Not trying to be a debbie downer, I just feel like no one ever says that, and from support I received during my pregnancy and after he was born from other women, it's pretty common. I felt like I was a horrible, evil woman and something was wrong with me because everyone kept saying, "Oh once he's born, it'll be like magic!" And then it wasn't. So that sucked quite a bit.
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