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Re: ummm, how to decide which menstral cup?

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
The stems were already cut off which had me pretty desperate with the Diva size 2. I couldn't grasp it and pull it back out. The size 1 didn't hurt quite as bad and was easier to pull out but holding capacity was a joke for me. I would have needed to empty it every 2 hours. Some days even more often.

Oh I see. That would make it hard. My moon cup I'm able to grab okay without a stem, but after reading this thread I might want to try one with a bit larger capacity (I also have to empty every 2 hr my second day of AF because it's really heavy. And also wear a back up pad..i know kind of defeats the purpose but my flow is super heavy that second day.) It's also slightly uncomfortable pulling the rim out (i didn't know there were better options but I didn't read either) by day 3 I'm usually back to normal and can wait longer between changes.
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