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Re: ummm, how to decide which menstral cup?

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
Oh and what about Meluna? Has anyone tried that? Thoughts?
I have two or three Melunas, love them, I like them because there are so many different sizes, stems, firmness options, etc. available.

Originally Posted by Weezy6703 View Post
Interesting mommypockets!! I choose the US moon cup mainly because it was a good price and I got free shipping through Abbey's Lane.

To pp, it hurt like CRAZY too in the beginning. I was almost in tears and thought there's NO way this is normal. I read a bunch of FAQ and saw that many cut the stem down. So I tried. At first it was better but still uncomfortable (no where as near as bad like when I first put it in). I then trimmed the stem down to pretty much nothing and it has been perfect. I'm not sure what cups would be similar in length with the moon stem trimmed all the way off but i'm curious though. An extra cup on the days I'm at work would be very convenient.
When I first read to cut the stem off, I did and that made a huge difference. I don't need a stem at all and automatically cut them off now.

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
So I'm I Going to be up happy with the Lunette?

If I like it I'd like to add a Meluna and Fleurcup later.
I think you will! I have three Lunettes (they are all the same except different colors) and I love them.
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