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Re: Extended breastfeeding and the benefits

What a refreshing article. : )
I am still nursing my 14 month old, who shows absolutely no signs of stopping, either. We only nurse three "scheduled" times a day (in the morning when he wakes up, before his afternoon nap, and then again before he turns in for the night. As the article mentioned, though, bfing is also the all time healer of booboos and ends temper tantrums in a hurry, too!
Eli signs "milk" to me when he desires to nurse and says "boob-shies". Too cute! He has been having little melt downs if I tell him that he can't nurse at that particular time, which is no mas! But all in all, I have had an awesome experience with nursing past one year of age! And have really had very few negative feedback from family and friends - which helps a lot.
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