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Mother Goose Designs - aka Shortcake2386

Approximate date of purchase: Dec. 2008
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: WAHM THread
What did you buy: OCV Grab Bag & Wet Bag
How was the customer service: Excellent
Review of the product: Really great. The mama pads are very pretty, well made, and my favorite feature is the dual snap, which really allows them to stay where they belong instead of shift, and gives a great fit.
Any additional comments: Very sweet mama to work with. Cares about her customers.
Would you do business with them again? Yes Absolutely.
~Kristy, SAHM to my 4 beautiful kiddos.
I have an APO, just FYI. Off an on, and I live in Japan, so I many not reply to your PM for 24 hours.
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