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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

My mother always made this and my kids love it..

Chicken Fricasee

1 bag baby carrots
rice as needed(we use the 5 minute rice!)
whole chicken( we usually only pay about 70 cents a lb and get a whole one for about 3 dollars or so
corn starch

Put chicken in large pot , cover with water, add salt and an onion. bring to boil and then simmer all 4 or 5 hrs, add water if needed. when ready to eat, make rice, remove chicken from broth, skim fat off top and add carrots, bring to boi again to cook carrots while you pull the meat from the chicken and kinda shred it..I just pull it off in pieces as it is really soft after cooking all day. when carrots are soft, add some corn starch(mixed in a bit of water) to thicken and pour over chicken in a big bowl. my kids ladle it over their rice and eat it all mixed..really simple clean up as well!

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