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Exclamation Please Read before posting! ---What can be listed in Diaper Lots?

Diaper Lots is used when a member has several different types of diapering items to sell but they don’t want to separate and list the items in each category.
Lets say you have 4 pockets, 12 prefolds, 4 fitteds, 6 AIO’s, 6 covers, 2 wool items. You would list all of those items in Diaper Lots in one post. BUT, if you have 15 Fuzzi Bunz of all different or the same sizes, you would list those in Pockets. Basically, if you have the same type of diapering item (pockets lets say) they all go in pockets whether you have 3 of them or 50 of them. Same thing for Fitteds/Prefolds/Flats. If you have 5 fitteds, 12 prefolds, and 6 flats they would all go in one post in the Fitteds/Prefolds/Flats section.

Conclusion: If you are listing JUST pockets or just AIOs, ect, please keep them in the appropriate forums. Here on DS, a "lot" of items implies different diapering items all being sold by the same does not mean more than one of the SAME type of item.

***As always please do not use Diaper Lots as a spot to list ISOs, requests for trades, diaper chatter, or non-diapering items that specifically belong in other FSOT forums.

Threads that do not fit in Diaper Lots will be trashed/moved to the correct forum.
***For questions, please pm a mod....list can be found at the bottom of the main forums.

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