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Re: I just saved $X.xx buying on Craigslist!

I've been doing more minimalism lately so more selling than buying. But I do love that a lot of things I've been able to get a good deal on in the past I'm able to re-sell for around the same price! We used a toybox that matches the nursery theme for 2 years, and we bought it for $20 and sold it for $20.

We also just sold our entertainment center thing with speakers/subwoofer/dvdplayer/tuner for $40. Originally bought it 5 years ago for $50.

And we sold some play hut pop up tents for $20 that originally cost I think $30-40. I've used them for about 8 years and have had tons of kids I babysit use them. Very worth it!

Another one that kinda made me mad but then worked out ok was when I bought a set of barstools recently for $30. She told me the specific dimensions but when I got them home found out she was wrong and they wouldn't fit. So I researched the style a little and they were under priced. Listed them for $60 and they sold that day!

Oh and we got a big plastic play structure last year for $60. It ended up being not nearly as awesome of a set as I would have liked, it just wasn't very well designed. So I listed it for $200 later in the summer and managed to sell it for $150 the next day (which means I made a $90 profit on it). After doing more research I found the perfect 8 in 1 little tykes play structure for $100 - which means I paid $10 for it) and the toddler LOVES it and plays with it every day.

I love getting awesome deals because when it comes time to resell I've often been able to get a good chunk of that money back if not all of it, and sometimes an occasional profit! I love craigslist!
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