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Well have your DH read up on how he can support you during labor. Attend a class together so he feels comfortable. I hear Husband Coached Labor is a good book.

I had all my sisters, my mother, my aunt, and my SMIL at my labor. My husband was the only one I truly needed there. The women were supports for US, not just me.

We met with the midwife at 37 weeks to discuss everyone's role during labor. MW asserted that dh would kinda take lead on coaching. Maybe you could sit everyone down and explain how you see your labor. Be a woman with a vision. And make a blanket statement that you reserve the right to remove "anyone" who may be unintentionally hindering the birth. I did. I didn't know if I'd really want all those people with me, so I just said that. It turns out, it was great having all the extra hands!
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