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medicaid coverage of indidvidual lactation consultant?

In my reading I've come across several articles that encourage you to seek out lactation consultants even before baby is born so that after baby is born and released from hospital, you have someone to turn to for help.

I am on Medicaid and in Ohio. Does Ohio Medicaid cover the cost of an individual lactation consultant? I don't see any listed in my care provider booklet, but I also know that I went my whole first pregnancy with an OB I was unhappy with because I assumed medicaid did not cover midwives because none were listed, but found and am using medwives for this pregnancy even though they are not listed in the booklet... I was only able to nurse DS1 for 3months before all sorts of problems (clogged ducts, mastitis, and then a nursing strike) ended the breastfeeding relationship. I really want to breastfeed longer this time and it'd be wonderful if I could turn to a lactation consultant for help, but I've been told Medicaid does not cover them.
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