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Re: Bac-Out?

Originally Posted by m0mmyluvzm3 View Post
I never thought about using this on dog pee! I have used vinegar whenever our fur baby makes a mess, but it doesn't get the discolor out... I wonder if bac out will work better?
Before I discovered Bac-Out (and quite possibly before it was ever made) I used to use a product for dog/cat pee stains on my clothing underarms. Bac-Out is really the same thing as that discontinued pet product but with a different scent (same enzyme odor lifters, etc.). I can't speak to its usefulness for diapers, but I use it for a lot of stuff. I'm learning that enzyme products like bac-out should never be allowed to sit on wool or silk, however, as some of the enzymes eat proteins (handy when you have an egg stain, less handy if you wear and wash a lot of wool and silk, which are made of protein).
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