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Talking Fresh Squish Pics! My NB AIO reviews with photos.

When I was pregnant I LOVED looking at little squish pics in newborn diapers to get an idea of what I wanted for my son. So here I am returning the favor!

Kai was born 1-16-13 and weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz and 22 inches. When I brought him home from the hospital he weighed 8 lb 10 oz and I put him in cloth immediately. I didn't like messing with prefolds with my first son, so I opted to get all NB AIO's.

I plan to update this post weekly or so as he grows and things start fitting differently.

Here are photos and reviews of the diapers we have used in his first two days at home.

Kissaluvs NB AIO: I only have two of these, and I almost didn't keep them but I am SO glad I did! They fit perfectly right from the start. The umbilical snap down is great, and the elastic around those tiny little newborn legs is nice and tight. They are perfect for us right now!

Tots Bots tiny fits: LOVE them. I actually tried these out last because they seem bigger then the rest of my newbie dipes, but to my surprise they fit amazingly well. The elastic around the legs is tight, and while the rise comes right to under the umbilical cord stump, because the material is so soft it doesn't irritate it. And of course I love the quality tots bots aplix. Since most of my newbie dipes are snaps, it is so nice to have this option for super easy changes. They come with an additional booster but right now we don't need it.

XS Fuzzibunz - my least favorite by far. I'm so glad I only have the one. They are very difficult to stuff, and with the snaps I just can't get a good fit. You can't tell in the picture, but it does gap slightly at the legs, and is definitely too close to the umbilical cord stump than I prefer. What I do like about them though is the super soft microfleece inner which is definitely stay dry. I couldn't even tell that DS had pee'd until I took the insert out.

NB Swaddlebees Simplex: Because everyone raves about these I invested the most in them and they make up the bulk of my newborn stash. My kiddo is on the bigger side for a newborn, and these are still slightly big on the smallest setting. The legs gap slightly. However, even with the slight gap, because the cotton is so absorbent and absorbs so quickly I haven't had any leaks or wicking. I really really like them and I'm sure I will like them even more as he grows. They stuff really easily, and because it is all natural cotton on the inside you wouldn't even have to stuff the insert back in if you didn't want to.

BumGenius XS: I initially had a full stash of these, and ended up selling most of them in order to get some variety. I am so glad I did. The rise is too high for the umbilical cord stump. I made it work by folding it down, but then the aplix rubbed the stump. Also, they gap at the legs. This is the only diaper we've had a blow out in. I don't think I'll be able to use these until his stump falls off, and by then I'm not sure how long they will last us. I think they'd be great for small newborns after the umbilical cord falls off, but for my big squish they just aren't cutting it right now.

NB Ragababe AIO: My absolute favorite newborn diaper. I am in love with it. This is my only one and I really can't justify any more than that because they are so much more expensive - but to die for cute and the fit is perfect! LOVE them! Love the aplix, love the fit, love the softness, everything.

So that's it! That's my stash! Mostly NB Simplex, followed by Tots Bots, followed by BG XS. With just one or two each of the Kissaluvs, FB, and Rag. I hope to update this as he grows to see what I still like as time goes on.

And just for fun:

meeting his big brother for the first time:

__________________________________________________ ________________
EDITED 1-24-13:
Kai is now 8 days old and at about the 9 pound mark. He lost his umbilical cord stump last night so here is for a new round of photos.

I've been mostly using the NB Simplex which I have come to absolutely love. I used them pretty much exclusively for about 3 days and even when they gapped slightly at the legs, I didn't have any issues with leaking or wicking. Last night I had my first leak with them, and that was just because I skipped a middle-of-the-night change. The diaper was soaked. So lesson learned. Change at every feed or add I'll try adding a doubler. They are washing up easily and are super easy to stuff back in.

BG XS: Now that the umbilical stump is off, I'm loving how these fit. No more gap at the legs. They are nice and trim. The only thing I'm not a fan of is where the laundry tab is - in the center of the back of the diaper. If it is an explosive newborn poo, there is a good chance poo will get on the tab - and I'd prefer to stick the tabs where there is not poo but it seems to wash off fine anyways.

Kissaluvs NB AIO:
I don't know what happened to the great fit of these I had at the very beginning. They just don't fit right now and have big old gaps at the legs. Not sure what the problem is.

Hands down, still my favorite. So trim, fits so well. If money was no object I'd have an entire stash.

Still not a fan. The snaps just seem to far apart to get a decent fit. And the microfiber insert is bulky and like I said before, incredibly hard to stuff. I'm ONLY using this diaper for the sake of photos. Otherwise it stays in the drawer and is the absolute last one I reach for. Still gaps at the legs a bit.

Tots Bots tiny fit:
These are right up there with the NB Simplex. Simplex win for being natural fibers and having cute prints, but these win for being OH so soft and squishy and aplix. Now that the cord is off they are way easier to use. And I prefer the elastic in these - it gives a really secure fit and holds explosive poo in really well. Really really love them.

And my just for fun pic:

EDITED 2-2-13
Kai is now 16-17 days old in these pictures and is 9 pounds, 12 ounces and almost 23 inches long. He is going through about 10 diapers a day, sometimes up to 12 but never more than 12. He is the exact opposite of my son who had nonstop poops - this little guy only goes once to twice a day so I'm sure we use less newborn diapers than some people need. Because of this I'm going to start weeding through my stash and only keeping the Tots Bots tiny fits, NB Simplex, and the NB Ragababe. They are my 3 favorites and pretty much the only thing I'm reaching for, and I have enough to use them exclusively, so this will be my last "full" update with all 6 diapers. I'll be back in a couple weeks to update on the 3 I'm still using, as I'm fairly certain they will last us several more weeks if not a month or two.

Tots Bots Tiny Fits:
I still love how super soft these things are. And the aplix. Pink sparkly heart love the aplix. I have actually stopped stuffing the minky insert into the pocket. they are a little bit harder to stuff than the NB Simplex, and since it is minky it is just fine next to his skin so I don't bother stuffing. Plus, about 10% of the time the insert doesn't agitate out in the wash, and that is kind of annoying. It still gets clean, but drying time is extended if I don't notice before it goes in the dryer. I'm still not needing the doubler, which is nice. And these look like they will still last us a good while longer. I also have some of the older style with the bamboo/microfiber inner. I haven't noticed any difference in absorbency between the two, but I prefer the minky because the the microfiber insert requires stuffing and can't be left unstuffed and because that minky is just so luxuriously soft. I think if it were my bum, I'd choose the minky tots bots. They take one cycle to dry.

These are being retired from my stash. They fit fine really, and they haven't leaked since the legs started fitting, but I just prefer my simplex and tots bots, so these aren't getting much use. The fit is a bit "boxy" between the legs and they take two cycles to dry. If you can't afford the tots bots or simplex these would be a good alternative because really they are fine, it's just the other ones are so much better.

Ragababe newborn:
Still in love with this adorable diaper. Technically his waist is still small enough where I could overlap the velcro star if I wanted to, I just didn't this time. She has the option of adding a overlap strip that makes the waist even smaller, so if you are getting some of these and expect a tiny baby, I'd get the overlap strip added if possible. For a true AIO it dries extremely fast and usually dry the same time as the simplex and tots bots that have the insert agitate out. But still it is very absorbent and we have yet to have a leak. It molds nicely to his body, probably the nicest out of any of the diapers, but remains absorbent and quick drying.

NB Simplex:
I still reach for these first, and we are still on the smallest snap setting so I bet they will last us the longest. I've only had one blow out in them, and I probably just waited a little too long to change him. However, they still gap slightly at the legs. I definitely prefer the encased elastic like the tots bots have. With the rolled elastic, I have to ensure all the cotton is tucked into the diaper at every change, so that is a small extra step. However they are very absorbent and stuff incredibly easy and wash so well. I add a doubler for night and that has worked great. If you expect a big newborn, I'd be pretty confident in getting a full stash of these along with a few doublers- they've been great for us. I'm using either the doublers from the tots bots with them, or some old Bagshot row bamboo doublers that I held onto from my first son. They take one cycle to dry, sometimes two if the insert doesn't agitate out all the way- but it does the vast majority of the time. Once or twice a week I have one that doesn't agitate out.

Kissaluvs AIO:
These are also being retired from my newbie stash. I don't know why I was having problems with the fit last week, this week they have worked fine. They still fit and we haven't had any problems with absorbency, I just prefer the fit of my other diapers. But these were one of the few that worked from day one, so I'm not mad at them.

Fuzzibunz XS Pockets:
Also retiring this one, and it JUST started to fit correctly. I'm just not a fan of the snap layout, but especially not a fan of stuffing the microfiber insert into that itty bitty sticky pocket. The insert is actually very absorbent, but I just really hate stuffing them, so I'm done with it. However the microfleece inner is incredibly soft, *almost* as soft as the minky tots bots but with the added benefit of being truly stay dry. So really, not bad if you have smallish hands and don't mind stuffing, and if you want a truly stay dry inner. But personally my least favorite newborn diaper.

And my for fun picture...
Erin- RN- hoping to be a SAHM - Wife to Charlie, Mom to 2 boys: Trip (born 3-3-11) and Kai (born 1-16-13)

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