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Re: Postpartum with mulitiples at home

If there is any way to get a triple stroller, I would find one, even just for walking. Sometimes you can score them on craigslist. I also just got creative with double strollers, if you have one where the back leans all the way back you might be able to squeeze the twins in one seat. Good luck with potty training, I had the opposite 22 month old when my twins came, so I feel your pain, I had around 15 months of 3 kids in diapers, it sucked. I know your twins are at a hard age but I did want to tell you one baby is a piece of cake after twins. My twins are now almost 5 and my baby is 9 months and I just enjoy her being a baby and can nurse her easily, a lot of the time I barely even notice I have a baby. I think getting the twins on a solid nap/quiet time schedule will be key. And if you can afford it preschool as soon as they are old enough to give you a break. Where I live there is an awesome gym, you might check and see what is in your area. The one I live near has a huge kids area they can go to when you work out. I volunteer 4 hours a week to get a free membership, but it is great for those days when I need a break from my kids, I can drop all 4 kids off for 2 hours to go swimming or sit somewhere and read a book, or work-out. Good luck and congratulations on baby!


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Re: Postpartum with mulitiples at home

I only randomly scanned the previous responses.

My 1st set of twins was 27 months when my second set was born. You can do it.

I always say...Containment is the key to safety and sanity. Use gates and any other barriers you need to. We have a gated playroom, bu have also used a portable gated playyard and regular gates.

You can get a triple stroller or wear the baby. I have done it both ways. I stuck with a double when my 1st set was born and my older was 26 mos. I wore a baby and put one in the stroller with my 26 month old. With my second set of twins, I got a quad stroller. So, either way works just fine. What I did NOT do was let my older walk either time. (I know yours can't really do that yet, but they will.) It is very stressful trying to keep the older twins safe or behaving while also having a stroller and another baby. So, I highly recommend containment both for safety and sanity.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
My mother in law got us a downstairs changing station so that helps but I still have to get the girls down stairs in the morning, upstairs for their nap, down stairs again then upstairs again for bed...

Good idea about trying to hold their hand, one of my DDs has limited motor ability on her left side so she will not be able to do that, of course she is the heavier baby!
Do you think you could teach the girls to come down the stairs on their bums?
I agree about taking naps elsewhere. Atleast the first few weeks. Try not to use the stairs more than you need too. You'll just end up hurting yourself.

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!
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Re: Postpartum with mulitiples at home

Thanks ladies!

I was going to potty learn the girls before this one was born but it is nearly impossible to do PL with a child that doesn't walk well on their own. Right now they tell me if they need to make boom boom and we try to make it to the potty on time. They let me know when their diaper is dirty. Pee pee happens in the diaper...just can't win that battle yet!

As for naps the last few days they have REFUSED to nap. I still put them to bed but for the last 3 days they just cry the whole time. I hope it is just a phase, I had them on a nice routine of a 2 hour nap and sleeping through the night until this week They will NOT nap anywhere but their beds. Not even the car or stroller. Believe me, I've tried. I think I will just have to get them to climb up the stairs on their own and come down with my help. I might be crawling up the stairs too

We have a fully gated living room that is baby proofed from top to bottom. I put the glider in there so I can breastfeed the baby with out worrying about the twins getting into stuff. I think the hardest part will be trying to get them to stop climbing up on to me when I am holding the baby.

I am hopeful that having one after having two very high needs preemies will be easy. I am just a little worried about the girls, they are still SO needy. I wish they could do more on their own!
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I just tried really hard to keep DS away from my stomach. I would ask him if he wanted to sit next to mommy instead of on mommy.

Its definitely going to be a change for them till they get used to it. They'll adjust quickly though. its hard.

I don't have multiples but DS was 16 months old when DD was born and DD is going to be 20mo when this baby comes. So they are all very close. Its a different situation but pose similar issues.

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!
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