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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

With my first, the C was an emergency in the middle of the night. I didn't want to see anyone after...for days. I was so exhausted and traumatized that I couldn't handle seeing someone come in smiling just to see the baby, the baby I almost lost and no one would ask how I was feeling. I had people show up without calling, come into the room without checking...I felt so marginalized by my family.
It was at least a couple days before I let people in the room, and even then they stayed for an hour tops. My husband was super supportive as well as the hospital staff, I just needed time to "myself" with just my husband and baby boy.

This time I have a RCS scheduled for (next week!) a week after my due date- in case I don't go into labor by then. Only my sister knows because she's going to watch my son for the day. My parents live out of town so they wouldn't come down until we were home anyway. But all of my in laws in town here...I think I'll just take it one day at a time and if I feel up to it while I'm still at the hospital fine. If not, fine. It's your experience, and if they want to get mad at you because you want to take time to your self for a couple hours, days, weeks, whatever- let them be mad. I had a really hard time getting over my anger toward those family members that showed up even though we asked them not to.


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I waited about 6 hours before visited for both planned C sections (breeches).

We called our parents after the recovery room and after we had time to bond... About 2-3 hours. Then, we called the grandparents and gave them a specific time to visit. Then, it was call if you'd like to come back and we'll let you know what's best, or if we're up for a visit.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

The only visitors we allowed at the hospital were grandparents. We asked everyone else to wait until we were home to come and see the baby.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I'm pretty vocal about what I want so my family was not surprised that I kicked them out of the L&D room. However, they were also respectful about our privacy after the baby was born. It's more important to take care of yourself and baby then worrying about hurting anyone's feelings.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

It seemed like I was in the recovery room for a very long time. Even so, we asked family to wait a few hours after the surgery. Everyone obliged our request. If you want time, I would ask them to show up later. They'll have lots of time with him! With our second, we weren't shy about asking people to give us time for rest. No one seemed to mind.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I wanted time with my lo but at the same time I wanted everyone to see him and be gone lol so I could enjoy the rest of the time in the hospital with my husband and lo
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

If you don't want them waiting, tell them you will call when you are ready. Don't let them in before you want to just because THEY want to. Stick to your guns!

My DD was delivered via c-section after a failed induction at 11pm. After she was born I was in the OR for a half hour getting stitched up, etc. She had low blood sugar and went to the nursery. I got to see her sometime after I got back to my L&D room but I don't remember what time. I didn't get to my maternity room until after 2am and was exhausted and needed sleep. So I didn't really get to spend time with my DD until after 5am or so, when she was already 6+ hours old. Granted it would have been sooner had the c-section happened earlier in the day.

If the c-section is scheduled for the morning, I would tell your family not to expect to come until the evening. You need time, the baby needs time. I thought I wanted people to visit but it was really stressful having people come.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I don't mind having visitors. My first three babies were born out of state from my family so we just had a few church friends visit. My daughter was born about a 40 min drive from my mom and sisters and of course they all came up to visit. I was SO happy. I enjoy my hospital stay to a point, it's a break from reality and a nice time to bond with the baby. My company never stays overly long though and everyone is always super respectful of when the baby needs to nurse. This time I know I'm going to be itching for my big kids to come in and meet the baby and considered having my mom wait with them in the waiting room but I have decided against that. I might see if there's a playground nearby where they could play until we're back in our room. Anyway, all that said, if you want that time to yourself be up front and honest about it. Talk to the nurses and let them know that you're ok with the family being there for a certain amount of time and ask them to come in and shoo them out at a certain point that way you're not the "bad guy". I think most great nurses are more than happy to help in that way.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I had visitors immediately following my c-section. Most people waited until the day after (it was an unplanned c-section). Heck, one of my friends (who had had 2 c-sections), didn't even know I had one.
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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

I didn't want company until day 3. And even then I didn't really want them there. lol
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