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Um yeah they can refuse to pay later if you have problems, don't ever have to let your baby out of your sight. It's absolutely your right to have all vitals and observations done either in your room or with you in the nursery. Also....why can't you eat when you want? I mean they will only deliver food at certain times but you can get food whenever you want.


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I never had a problem getting food in the hospital...they serve food between the hrs of 7 and 9 as I remember, but you can order meals anytime in those hrs. They always served more than I could eat, so I would stick the leftovers in the fridge and microwave them when I needed something to eat overnight. And they always had cheese/crackers available.

DH brought a big bag of trail mix we munched on during the stay too.

They can do everything in the room but I'm one of those weirdos that didn't have a problem with baby going to the nursery for a checkup. There was so much security and safety protocols at our hospital and the nurses are great about following moms wishes.
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Re: The AMA thread...

Originally Posted by eahcapemay View Post
Did you like Kapiolani? How was your experience? Where you able to have more than one support person? (I'm hearing mixed things about this) Did they take the baby out of the room for observation and bathing? I gave birth at Queens last time and would prefer to go back there but my OB is now only delivering at Kap. She only decided that after I was pregnant and I'm panicking a bit. (Okay maybe a lot..) I want to deliver in a hospital but I really hated staying there afterwards. The whole not being able to sleep with DH, nurses coming in and waking us up, not being able to eat when ever, all that stuff. I'd like to just leave after 3-6 hours.
I gave birth at Kapiolani 2 years ago. I didn't leave AMA though... I do believe you are allowed more than one support person. The birth room is different from the room you'll stay in after birth. So, they give you an hr or so after birth to bond/nurse before taking the baby off for bath, etc. My husband went along with the baby for this. Than you're moved to the room (private) you'll be staying in. I could have left after a day, but my son had a heart murmur so they kept doing lots of testing on him to try to figure out what was up. So ended up staying an extra day for all of that. Food was taken to your room on the meal basis, but there is a cafeteria where your husband can go get food and bring it to you if you want. I felt the nurses and staff were very attentive and helpful. If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me!
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Re: The AMA thread...

We only stayed about 24 hours vrs the 48 allowed. It wasn't against medical advice but they were taken aback by it. It wasn't easy getting "permission" to leave early.

Since I left before 48 hours I got a visiting nurse to come and check on us (i think the next day). I was told that even if you leave 47 hours you get this for free. I signed up for the nurse to come at the hospital before we left (part of our terms on release). I had to "promise" baby would see his dr in a couple days. We ended up waiting 5 days so a bit beyond there wishes.

It was annoying but not impossible... but there was no medical reason for us to stay either.
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Re: The AMA thread...

I don't have any personal experience, but from what I can tell from our doctors' notes (I'm a transcriptionist at a hospital), it seems like they are much less likely to make an issue out of making you stay if it is your second baby (or more) because you aren't as likely to need help learning what to do with baby or need help with breastfeeding, and if you were group B strep negative, then they won't need to watch the baby for signs of infection as closely. I think they are still obligated to offer you to stay longer, but I don't think they have much of a problem with it. Most first-time moms seem want to stay the full 2-3 days, so I haven't seen how our docs deal with it. Granted, policies & whatnot are different at every hospital, so I have no idea how that compares with your local hospitals.
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