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Re: Am I forced to FF due to carsickness?

Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post
Unfortunately my oldest still gets motion sickness forward facing with the same frequency as he did rear facing. In fact at 12 he still gets motion sickness but it is less common now. There are tricks that help and he can warn us now (so we can pull over and he can vomit outside of the car vs in it) but it still happens sometimes. It has to do with the inner ear and vestibular system, he gets it from me. The only way I don't get motion sickness is if I ride in the front of the car. I can't even sleep in a vehicle or I throw up (front or back, doesn't matter). I get sick in airplanes too. It is pretty rare for me to get sick in a car now though I do wind up queasy from time to time. I know all of the tricks for trying to keep myself feeling ok.
I get sick when I try to read and when I don't look straight ahead. I don't when I fly, which has always surprised me. I find sleeping actually helps me and eating salty stuff, like chips.

But it does differ from person to person so it would be great OP, when your son is old enough to warn you. He will have to figure out what works for him.

ETA: Air directly on my face helps me too. I turn aircon up high or open a car window.


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Totally irrelevant but every time this post pops up in current threads I think "why would someone had to formula feed because of car sickness?" I finally had to open it up and see what you were talking about!!
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Re: Am I forced to FF due to carsickness?

My DH still gets carsick and he's 34, so some people are just prone to it. The only thing that helps him is sitting in the front seat and gravol.

You can always try him forward facing and see if it helps. If you're worried that he will resist going back to rear facing again after, try it in someone else's car that he doesn't often go in.
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Re: Am I forced to Forward Face, due to carsickness?

I have "that" kid. FF'ing did not help. Gravol and fresh air is our only saviour. Any ride more than 7 minutes is h e double hockey sticks.
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Bumping this up bc dd just started her carsickness this week. All of our kids are prone to it, ods is the only person in the family who can read and not puke. Dd has barfed in her seat twice this week on school dropoff and out of nowhere. Just starts complaining her stomach is icky and then wham. So gross.

And we are driving cross country in two weeks. I may be turning her for that. She is 2.6 years.
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Re: Am I forced to Forward Face, due to carsickness?

my youngest dd would barf too. Sea bands and a topical oil called motioneaze (I think I bought it at WM by the dramamine) helped us. For longer trips they have the kids dose of dramamine. We drove from KS to MI and 3 of 4 kids barfed. I use an old sheet zippered bag with some old towels, febreeze, lysol wipes, extra clothes, and plastic bags in the car for stuff like that. Maybe you could buy a cheaper carseat to swap out while you clean the other one? That's what we had to do b/c it was happening so often. Last thought- greasy foods where a trigger too. GL!!
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Re: Am I forced to Forward Face, due to carsickness?

I have always had an uneasy stomach (don't like rides at the fair because even the carousel would turn my stomach, sick in the car, sick in planes etc) so I feel for these poor kids. It sucks. My little sister would get car sick and my Mom would give her ginger (open a capsule and put it in a spoon full of something) and that helped her quite bit. Not sure why it didn't help me. I had tubes in my ears as a kid and so I guess it could just be an inner ear issue for me. Dd use to puke on longer trips so we started to have her wear a pocket bib and keep a roll of paper towels and some wet wipes in the car to clean her up. She is now 4 and the last trip we went on, no throwing up! So maybe she has outgrown it now.
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