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Re: Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

just a word of caution that if the tip of your sons penis was swollen and red it may be an infection called Balanitis but I did not know if your DS was circ'd or not. We have that infection before and it was awful.

hope he is feeling better today.


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Re: Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

Originally Posted by GrandIsp
I'm freaking out and need some advice on docs and medicine for DS - please help!

I am skeptical of drs in general since my birth experience, and am skeptical of medications too, so take that as a 'history' on me...

I just took DS to the DR. because his poor little penis is all red on the tip/head (sorry for the graphics). Yesterday morning he was in a lot of pain (he's 16 months, and was crying and grabbing what I thought was his tummy). He calmed down once I took his nighttime diaper off, and when I looked his penis was really really red and raw right at the tip, like beet red almost like it was injured, but it was all around the opening. The whole head looked kind of swollen too...normally it kind of 'lives' inside the skin but it was all poked out and angry looking. So it was still swollen today and also scabby, so I took him in.

This is the second time we've seen this Doc ever...we're new to the area and got him as a recommendation from an ER doc. The Dr said it looked like a skin infection and prescribed an antibiotic (Augmentin? which is Amoxicillin and
Clavulanate and stronger than just Amox.). He also looked in his ears and listened to his chest since he's been getting over a cold for 2 weeks now. He said the antibiotic would help his ears since they looked 'a little' red inside. Then he said his cough sounds asthmatic and asked if he was wheezing at all. I said a little but I thought it was just from the cold, etc. and when he runs and gets excited. He right then and there started going through this booklet on childhood asthma and telling me about the breathing treatment and then sent his nurse in to explain to me how to administer the asthma medication. I was like 'WHAT'??? I asked him to slow down, that I wasn't even here for the cold/cough, that I had no idea what he was talking about.

Well, it goes on, but anyways....I told him I wasn't comfortable with the asthma meds. Should I go get a second opinion? He just seemed to jump in there with asthma out of left field...I'm not sure if I'm being skeptical or just cruel by not treating my son.

Also, I haven't given him the antibiotics yet. Once I start it's for 10 days. I'm SO skeptical! Is there anything else I could do for the 'penis-infection' - a cream or something natural?

Thanks if you made it this far!
My DD just got finished with a round of Amoxicillin. Now she is just getting over a yeast infection from it. She was taking it b/c of an ear and sinus infection. Grrrrrr.....Also...this sounds like TMI big time.....could it be a friction burn from rubbing his dipe? I baby sat my nephew until he was 2 and that happened to him. "It" was like you described your son's penis. As it turns out he had discovered himself. You get the picture?!?! Also has he had any symptoms of a UTI and could it be that his Urethra is infected????
Also I had asthma REALLY bad when I was little. In fact I almost died one time when my parents couldn't get me to the hossy quick enough. My airway had closed and my lungs had collapsed. My meds wasn't working. I was in the ER with them working on me to get me to "breath" for over 8 hours. I had breathing treatments everyday for a year. I finally grew out of it. My brothers had it too. The family Dr had discovered it when I was at the Dr's for a cold that I was having a hard time getting over. It started out a wheezing when I ran, laughed a lot, was hot, etc...mainly with exertion. Then when I was a/b 9 it got really bad with allergies. SO if I smelled certain things it would trigger it. anyhoo...I would get a second opinion but definitely don't ignore it if your Dr heard the wheezing. Usually if there is any wheezing and it's not bronchitis or pneumonia it comes from asthma. The bronchial tubes are irritated rather it be from illness or from actual asthma. Inform yourself as much as possible a/b it. Google it and tknow your stuff before any other appts. HTHs and GL!!!!!
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Re: Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

get a second opinion on the asthma, but do it soon. for the record, he shouldn't be wheezy from running around.

I had asthma as a infant.. and grew out of it. when i got pregnant it came back.. HORRIBLY.. Atfirst I thought it was just a cold, but i seriously got winded walking from the living room to the bedroom (and i was in a very small house) So I went to the doctor.. they told me it was Broncitis, and here's the meds.. 2 weeks later I was back because I still wasn't any better. That doctor told me the doctor before must of been a idiot, because I have Asthma.. So she stuck me on a inhaler. but no Prevention meds, so I was using the inhaler ATLEAST 10-15 times a day.. not kidding. (That's REALLY bad for the blood pressure) So when when my hubby got home from iraq and i had miranda i went to the Base for treatment and they gave me Advair. It was a lifesaver.. (I then had to switch to Serevent because of the cost, but works the same)
I know am on Serevent twice a day, Qvar twice a day and a Normal "rescue" Meds, normally atleast once a day. I have Severe Outside allergies which normally trigger my asthma atleast once a day so I'm on the rescue inhaler atleast once a day.

Don't wait to make the appt with someone else. Do it now. If he has a asthma attack you might not have time to make it to the hospital. Asthma is what Killed my grandfather. It's scary stuff.

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Re: Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

Hey mama, my son had the SAME EXACT sore on the opening of his pee pee after wearing a CD overnight. We had to resort to sposies at night and at nap time. I would suggest you do the same. The ammonia and such in pee activates the detergent you use when he pees; therefore the chemicals in the detergent "eat" at the opening. ETA: I would put a diaper cream with zinc oxide in it. That is what my ped said. I told her I was cd'ing and she was happy. Just said to use Desitin on it for the first couple of day (this means using sposies OR a liner to protect your diapers) and that would heal the sore. THEN start doing sposies at nap time and at night and you'll be surprised how fast that clears up! They're pee concentration changes as they get older so if this seams odd after cd'ing for a while that is why. They hold their pee longer and when they do pee it's really concentrated so it mixes with the detergent all wrong. **end update**

My son is the healthiest boy I've known! LOL He just got a 4-6 hour flu (no fever) the week of his bday and he's THREE. IMO the sore is not a viral infection or other "thing". It's just from sitting in pee for to long.

The asthma is weird. My dd had issues like your ds and the doc wanted to put her on steroids to help and it made her bounce off the walls so I stopped using it after the first day. That was when she was 1-2 yrs old.

Unless he is in distress I would be worried about it. BUT wheezing isn't normal if he does it when not sick. If he's only wheezy because of a cold that could be a totally different story.

My dd had horrid coughing fits (age 3-6) after being even somewhat near smoke or in a house/car where ppl smoked but weren't smoking in front of her and had to be put on an albuteral inhaler which helped a little but the thing that fixed it was keeping her completely away from anything that had smoke residue on it and keeping her away from smokers.

I'd get a second opinion from an asthma specialist.

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Re: UPDATE ! THX MAMAS! Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

Just bumping to update ya'll and say THANKS! for all the advice.
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