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Saving kids clothes?

How long do you save your kids out-grown clothes for? I have two boys, a 3 yo, and 15 mos, so obviously I pass clothes from ODS to YDS, but now I'm at a loss. I'm not pg right now, but I'm not opposed to the idea. Having said that who knows when I'll actually have another baby, and even when I do there is no guaruntee that it'll be a boy.
Anyways, do you save everything? Pass it on? Keep the special stuff and pass the rest on? I do have storage space available, but I've feeling the urge to clean out all the extra stuff.


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Re: Saving kids clothes?

My current system for stuff that is totally outgrown is that I save for both genders for each size through 2T:

7 complete outfits (mix of warmer and cooler)
3 extra shirts/onesies
2 PJs
and anything "seasonal" like a swimsuit, winter jacket, etc.

I personally have found that after 2T we were wearing the clothes out (especially since everything goes through 2+ kids) so I don't save anymore after that unless it is something really special.

In the kids closet I have a hodgepodge of large rubbermaid containers and spacesaver bags. I have each size in a bag, and the outgrown stuff is all in one box - one for boys clothing and one for girls. This is my "seeder" set for when/if there is another baby, and I'll probably hang on to that until menopause. I figure that gets us through the first year with only having to make minimal purchases as needed to fill in the seasonal gaps.

I also save everything DD1 outgrows for DD2, and have that sorted by size only (haven't split the genders) and one additional box that is stuff we have for DD1 to grow into.

To give you an idea, here is one half of their closet:

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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I sold some of DD's clothes as she outgrew them, and saved some. I haven't done anything with them in a while... thinking about taking them to consignment. I'm not sure if we're done having kids and would hate to have to rebuy everything, but we probably won't be having any more kids for a while at least, so maybe I should get rid of them. They're stored at my parents' house for now.

Right now I pass down DS's clothes to my BFF for her son to wear (he's 12 days older but generally a size smaller for now, so it works until he catches up with DS)
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

My children are 2.5 years and 9.5 months. I've sold a few of their outfits at yard sales (nothing I was attached to), but the rest sit in storage boxes in the shed (probably about 6 for the both of them). I can't decide if I want to sell them or keep them. Every now and then I separate out my favorite pieces, but then I decide I'm not ready to sell the rest and put it all back together. My fiance thinks I'm mad, lol! We are undecided on another child, so that's why I hesitate.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I kept it all and regret it. My boys are 4 years apart. Now, I only save harder to find cheap things - winter coat/snow pants, jeans with no holes, themed shirts (thomas, etc), pajamas and only in good condition, of course. Everything else gets sold. I don't have space to store 4 years of clothes!
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I'm not sure yet if or when I'll have another, but we are saving some clothes just in case. I've held onto a good number of outfits up through ~ size 12 months. I have enough in each size and season that I don't think I'd need to buy any more for a new baby. Anything extra (and items I didn't like as much) and the larger sizes I've been selling as DS outgrows them.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I saved all of DS' baby clothes from newborn-12/18 months. I really hope to reuse these eventually (even though they are already 4 years old) as we spent a TON of money on them (first baby syndrome).

I plan on doing the same with DD's clothes as well.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

We kept all of my step sons clothes which fits into two bins. I did originally keep all of DS' stuff too since we knew we weren't done having kids. I did lend some to friends while we weren't using it. Now that I had two girls I have given some boy clothes to my cousin but saving most for my sister and/or best friend when they have kids. I am saving some of the girls clothes for them as well but I was given so much I am selling some too. I am also saving all my matching outfits in a bin to sell as a twin bin.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

We are in the middle of deciding what to do as we are reorganizing our basement. DS is 3 and DD is almost 2. I have saved EVERYTHING so far. It's all packed away in storage containers in our basement. I'm not pregnant right now either, nor are we TTC. We're kind of on the fence on if/when to have #3. It could be a month from now. Or 3 years from now. Ugh. I'm so torn.....I really should just go through all of the stuff and keep special stuff. But what if I get rid of it and want it later?!?! And that's not only for clothing. But what about all the baby gear? And the toys?
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I have a 9yo DS, 6yo DD, 18mo DD and I've saved everything(plus I keep buying). My sister has three boys so DS's stuff hasn't been sitting in bins for 9yrs, they've used a lot of it. I do have an embarrassing number of rubbermaid tubs stacked in my basement though. Maybe 15-20 of them. It has been really fun to get out the bins from ODD and use the stuff for YDD so I don't regret keeping it all. Plus, until ODD was 3, I worked full time and we had more expendable income so she had some really nice stuff. If it were all Wal-Mart clothes I wouldn't have kept it, but it's complete Gymboree sets, Baby Lulu, Hanna Andersson, stuff like that. I know there's no way that I could afford to buy all that new now for YDD since I stay home.
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