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Laughing Moments

I had a good laugh over DS. With a thread that is about our scary moments, I figured we need one abut funny, too.

DS is potty learning. We teach him to hold his wee wee down. He does it every time. It's easier to let him than to explain to only hold it down when it pokes up.

So he was up for a late night pee. He went to poke his wee wee down, but for some odd reason grabbed it and started waving it around instead. Mommy ducked out the door. The floor, rug, wall and toilette did not have that luxury. We both laughed and I about killed over.


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Re: Laughing Moments

haha.... wow!!! boys are soo funny! that reminds me of the time I found my son in his room looking at his pee pee and he looked scared or like concerned I guess... so I asked him whats wrong and he looked at me and said "why is that hot dog stuck on me???" and I couldnt even answer his little question because I was laughing so hard at his comparison!!!! I eventually had the "penis" talk and had hubby reitterate then he thought it was funny to take his clothes off and run around screaming "HOT DOG" BOYS!!! too funny!!!
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Re: Laughing Moments

We were at my niece's 2nd birthday party last month at the park. DD and my nephew (they're each 2mo apart, DD and my niece are 4mo apart) were in the swings and DID NOT want out. We would ask them, and would immediately say "No". It was DH and I, and the nephews parents. So we started asking random questions to them. "Do you want a puppy?" "no". "Do you want a Harley?" "No". "Do you want to go to Disney Land?" "No". "Do you want a choo-choo?" "No-no". Oh, it went on for at least a solid 10 minutes
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Re: Laughing Moments

I wish someone warned me to aim down - I am trying with my son who is almost a year. He was exploring and I forgot to double check where it was aiming and he got me for a second before I could point it down again... I learned quick... my husband said isn't it common sense and I said no, my pee just automatically goes down so he should have told me. It was pretty funny..
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Re: Laughing Moments

So, my friend who is our nanny tells me:

"I went to change N's diaper today. It was kind of dark in the room with the curtains drawn and I didn't have my glasses on. I looked down and freaked out because it looked like his junk had grown scabrous warts since his last diaper change. I turned on the light and realized he had stuffed dried apple shards into his diaper around snack time (so that's where they went), and they'd softened in the moist warmth of the diaper and molded onto his boy parts."

I laughed myself senseless! (I could totally see this happening on my watch - just circumstance he did it to her first this time.)
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Re: Laughing Moments

My daughter asked me the other day if there would be fireworks for her birthday, which I thought was pretty funny. She also asked if there were dead bodies under the berry bush. That one threw me for a loop until I figured out why she was asking. We had been talking earlier about not eating berries that you find, because they could make you sick (which led to "sick enough to die"), so she made the, ah, natural connection.

I woke up one morning and my 6 year old had gotten dressed for the day. This was about the time of the Lost finale. She was dressed all in white. Yes, she had dressed as Mr. White (only Lost fans would get this ).
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Re: Laughing Moments

Ds was hitting me in the face and I had tried all of the gentle things I had done with dd to get her to stop... they worked with her and not with him. I finally said that hurts don't do it.... he did it again and said "no doesn't hurt" yes it does. This goes back and forth for about 5 minutes, finally I picked up the hand that had been hitting me and I smacked it ( not hard, at least I did not think so) and ds says what sounded like"Ow,f*** me that hurt" WHAT!!!!!!??? what did he say.... No mamas it was "Ow, smack me that hurt." I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. He tried to hit me again to make me laugh but nothing tops the first time your 2 yo drops the f bomb... or not
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