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Can anyone help me make better cookies. I have tried several recipes and they either fall apart or are overcooked or squish up when I take them off the sheet. I want to be able to make cookies for my children.


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Re: Cookies

Sounds unimaginative, but I just use the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chip package. I use spreadable butter instead of regular and it seems to help the over-squish factor. Another trick-bake them on tin foil instead of directly on the pan. Just move the whole sheet to the cooling rack. I am pretty religious about mixing all dries together, all wets, then putting the two together. But my husband just dumps it all in a bowl and it seems to work as well most of the time.

The recipe on the quaker oats container also works well. I don't use the quick-cooking ones.

Also, you may want to check your oven temp. Many are not as advertised. It throws off the cooking time, which sounds like it may be your issue based on your description.

Good luck!
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Re: Cookies

I've never had that happen, not sure what you are doing wrong. I make the dough, scoop it with a small scoop, bake on parchment paper, transfer to a wire rack
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Re: Cookies

I have success baking the amount of time that is suggested (they do seem a little under done at first). Let that tray rest or cool for a few minutes, then use a sharp spatula (I have a great thin one that really only works great for cookies and pancakes) my thick, nice spatula ruins cookies every time but is awesome for burgers! If I try to transfer the cookies right from the oven, I end up with the ribboned pile of dough =). If I cook long enough that they transfer well right from the oven, they are hard.

Hope this helps!

Oh, also grab a cheap oven thermometer. I stunk at baking until I found out my oven had a temperature range of about 20 degrees above or below what I have it set for!
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Re: Cookies

Definitely going to check into the thermometer. It feels terrible that as a mom I cant just make any old recipe and have them turn out. I ruin every cookie from sugar to chocolate chip.
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Re: Cookies

Sounds like it could be one or combo of: Too high or too low oven temperature
Too much time in dries it out
Too little time in makes it rubbery doughwy
The Leavening has to be accurately measured
-- or it will not rise or form too much gas
The Fat content must be accurately measured
-- or it will be too oily, too crispy, or doughwy
-- or too hard, brittle, and mix will not be incorporated
-- and have unmixed lumps
Remember mixes with eggs in it may often
create softer baked goods.
The above is learned through many attempts. Had all above scenarios , plus, when I burnt them to look like barbecue briskets after forgetting that I had something in the oven! Nowadays, I buy the dough in the refrigerated section which comes in rolls just like buisquits or bread doughs. This step takes the mixing errors out for me and also while seemingly an extra expense, it really is a savings because I cannot botch it and throw it out! I simply slice and bake it according to the instructions on the roll, set a timer. Let cool if i can because they disappear mostly before reaching the serving platter. Also, the outer can be coated/drizzled/rolled into with several preps you have on hand such as cinnamon/confectioner's sugar, almond essence/confectioner's sugar, cocoa powder/confectioner's sugar, festive sprinkles, etc. Also, I have tried no bake recipes (many online) where you melt wet ingredients, mix them into dry ones, roll them into other coverings and refrigerate. Also thought about activities the kids usually like doing along with the sweet factor like rice crispies rolls. They can be made and rolled to incorporate nuts, or anything else they wish to add. marshmallow, chocolate, etc. Good luck with your mixes! : )

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I agree with everyone to check the oven temp for accuracy. Mix dry with dry, wet with wet, then both together. For things like chocolate chip that say 7-9 min I know in my oven 8 is perfect. They do look slightly undercooked when they come out but they rest on the cookie sheet for a few min to finish. A cookie spatula is also very helpful to transfer to the cooling rack. It has a tapered edge. I also choose to use butter flavored shortening in place of butter or margarine except with sugar cookies, they always get real butter.
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Re: Cookies

Not completely homemade but depending on the age of your children cake box cookies can be made easily with kids and are pretty hard to mess up. Since my dd can't have butter and as great as a product as Earth's Balance is, it just doesn't make great cookies. I use boxed cake mix to make cookies. Most use the cake mix (any flavor you want- the chocolate cake one is addictive), 1/2 cup oil and 2 eggs. Baked on 350 for 12-14 minutes. No they are not completely homemade but they are dairy free cookie with good taste and texture. And the fun part- you roll the dough into 1 inch balls and the kids can roll them in sugar before baking.

When I use to make regular cookies I always used the toll house recipe for chocolate chip cookies. And all the trouble shooting that I can think of as been covered already.
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