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Milk reaction...... Please give me ideas

My 11 month old appears to be having some kind of reaction I milk and milk products. He has never taken a bottle and has only nursed. He won't take more than about 2 oz a day of fluid out of a cup. I have tried many different cups and many different liquids. I drink milk 16 or so oz a day and that has never bothered him.

But I gave him some of the Gerber yogurt and it
Literally caused the skin on his bottom where his poo touched him to blister and peel off. It took me about 3 times I connect this to the yogurt. He would poop multiple ones a day after eatin the yogurt and his bottom started by looking scalded where it touched him. HE did not get diarrhea just way more frequent. The only thing that helpe the rash was calmoseptine. It is used on aromas and we have to order it from the pharmacy. Desitin and A and D would not touch it.

I stopped giving him the yogurt and no
More rash. My dd was Trying to get him to drink liquid and gave him cows milk. E drank about 3 oz he liked it but now he has that horrible scaled bleeding rash again.

I don't think t is an allergy because when he was exclusively nursing I drank a lot of milk daily and it did not bother him. It is when e directly eats or drinks it. What could that be? I bought some Silk almond milk yesterday to try. He just does
Not want to drink fluids and only nurses. I am trying to increase his fluid intake. I have tried watered down juice, full juice, water, breast milk he wants none of them

I am kind of scared to try the silk until he is healed but at a loss as to what is going on with this rash. It is only where his poo touches him, no hives or other rashes, no eczema. Nothing other than the bottom. I have never dealt with this before. Any ideas or advice?


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Re: Milk reaction...... Please give me ideas

It very well could be an allergy or intolerance. They vary in intensity I believe. My DS had a milk allergy that he eventually outgrew but he could not have any dairy or eggs directly but never had any reaction when I had it.
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Re: Milk reaction...... Please give me ideas

You should wait until it heals. There are different levels of allergies. It could be he can't handle direct ingestion of milk products. Or it could be a sensitivity. My dd has a sensitivity at that age she could not tolerate any milk products- she got stomach pains and constipation. She actually did react to dairy in my bm, but it wasn't near as bad as to cow's formula. Since it wasn't diagnosed until 12 months she had gross motor delays as well. She was in so much pain she would not sit up and because she would not sit up she never progressed to her other milestones. We had a crappy doc who kept blowing us off and telling us she had colic- which is why she would scream for hours every day and would not be comforted. A different doc at 1 spent 5 mins with us and said this isn't right. She had to have 2 years of pt to get almost caught up. At 5 you can only tell she has delays when you put her in a sport type thing with other kids her age. Sorry for the rant but it still makes me very angry.

Anyway at 5 she can eat things like pancakes, cheez its and yogurt. Still can't drink milk or eat things like cow milk pudding, ice cream or tolerate butter. They cause her to have diarrhea and she does get rashes on her bottom even though it she goes in the potty. this is colored by my own experience so take it with a grain of salt. I would not start with almond milk. I would try a rice milk first. Our doc recommended soy for us which is what we do. Although a lot of kids with milk issues also have soy issues- dd doesn't. Almond or coconut milks never come up as a possibility. Ended up being a good thing since dd is also allergic to coconut and peanuts (we avoid all nuts and nut milks due to cross contamination risk). So I would start with a rice or hemp milk just because we are weary of nuts especially if their is already a possible allergy present.

Oh and a note on the Silk- they say they have good allergy practices, but they do process coconut and soy. I mention this because like I wrote earlier a lost of kids who have milk issues also have soy issues so Silk might be something you want to rethink. That said we used Silk Soy for years even with dd's coconut allergy and never had a problem. Doesn't mean one might not arise, just means we've had good luck.
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Re: Milk reaction...... Please give me ideas

As an adult I developed problems with dairy. I get all sorts of 'funny' symptoms, like swollen joints, sometimes itchy skin, gallbladder pain, dry eye, vaginitis, fatigue etc....They all start about 2 days after ingesting the dairy. Before the symptoms were bad enough to notice outright I thought I was fine with ingesting dairy but it was actually causing inflammation inside my body that we theorize is the cause of my kidney stones that I would get from time to time.

Assuming his problem is dairy. I could pretty much guarantee you that the milk you are drinking that your LO is getting through your BM IS bothering his body on some level it's just not bad enough to notice obvious symptoms of. Or there ARE symptoms and your just not aware of it because he can't communicate that well yet and doesn't know his body that good yet. If he is showing that bad of a reaction to dairy and having BTDT with myself. He wouldn't be getting ANY milk in his diet.

Also I really wouldn't be that worried about him taking liquids from a bottle yet. I would offer him some water or juice but if he doesn't want it no biggie. He's only 11 months.
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Re: Milk reaction...... Please give me ideas

Oh and keep in mind that dairy stays in your body for 3-4 weeks so it will be affecting him for about that long.
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