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Re: Before I was a parent....

before i had kids, dh and i had other things to talk about besides someone else's pooping habits.....

we used to fall into bed exhausted from a night of partying and still have energy for some "intimate time". now, well.....we're still exhausted, but it's not from partying, and we talk about having sex, but usually one or both of us falls asleep before we actuallydo anything about it.....

life was SO MUCH more boring without our crazy little comedian! what on earth DID we talk about at dinner if not thomas the tank engines' latest adventure?! (and, you know, as mentioned above, poop)


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Re: Before I was a parent....

Before I was a parent, I never cared what school district I lived in. Now I need to move in the next 2 years, cuz there is no way my child is going to THAT school.

Before I was a parent, I considered 2 hours adequate notice for plans. Now I need at least a week or I feel frazzled and rushed.

Before I was a parent, I used to exercise. Now I just chase my children around, which unfortunately doesn't really 'tone' your body. :P

Before I was a parent, I never hid treats so I didn't have to share them with my kids.

Before I was a parent, I never understood how much love you could have for these little people who are a part of you, and how wonderful and crazy and amazing life with children is.

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Re: Before I was a parent....

Before I was a parent, when I bathed/showered with someone, I usually didnt have to label our anatomy if asked lol!

Before I was a parent, I never considered how much personal stuff (e.g., shopping, working out, sleeping) you could get caught up on at work (lol) just b/c you didnt have little ones under your feet :-)

Before I was a parent, I had sex twice as much as I talked about ambitions to have sex. Now, its the other way around....both our priorities are usually keeping the house in relative working order and sleep lol!

Before I was a parent, I never thought that my boobs were my husbands first, children's second, and mine last

Before I was a parent, I dont know HOW I ever went without sleep! (but somehow I managed)

Before I was a parent, Id never been so interested in poop. It seems like its the second most frequent word in my vocab lol!

Before I was a parent, my favorite songs didnt come from veggie tales.

Before I was a parent, I never really understood what "unconditional" and "love" really meant.
April-Wife to hopeless romantic nuclear submariner DH WOHM to my rambunctious snuggler DS (08/10) who was born SMILING. and DD (2/13) my hero
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Re: Before I was a parent....

Before I was a parent

I used to hold others' adorable little babies and wonder why their moms did such a choppy job with the hair-especially so close to the skin! Like..cant the mom see that the baby is bald in some spots?

I used to love sleeping next to the phone....I loved talking on the phone. Now I unplug it if all of us are sleeping the noon off.

I used write lonnng, long emails and snail mails. Now I dont even FB.

Laundry was very simple.

I would wrangle 3 mins somehow to iron my dress before going out. I used to freak out at wearing unironed stuff. I used to STARCH my cottons! Aaah the amount of free time I had. Now, I hope my neighbor doesnt catch me in the same dress from 24h before.

Used to wonder why my gfs who were already moms didnt leave their sleeping babies back home and come spend 15mins out at the coffee shop with me. How sad that sounds now.

Now, I wonder why I was so insensitive...and a part of it has to do with not being interested in children and not being around new moms while growing up. So I try to entice my nieces and nephews into holding/taking care of my boys and I see the reluctance.
All those crunchy things and more Amma to DS1(9.2007) and DS2(1.2011)

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Well, I've been a parent for almost 13 years, so I can honestly say I don't really remember what my life was like before being a parent. But I do know that being a parent has helped me see how much my parents love me and all that they did for me. Oh, I do know that before being a parent, I didn't care about cloth diapers
Happy mom to 7 homeschooling kiddos.
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Before being a mommy I:
Slept until noon
Worked outside of the home
Got my associates (SO want to go back!)
Could easily do hair/makeup without kiddos climbing all over the toilet/bathroom
Actually dated my hubby
Had a clean house
Had personal space...
Eta: I also showered alone and slept in my own bed!! Haha!
mama to three sweet, rough & tumble boys who always keep me on my feet:
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Might sound odd but I always liked being Around kids since I was young. I guess I kinda always just waited to be a parent. Miss personal space sometims & being able to just go out the door in 5 mins now it takes me like 20+ with 3 kids & stuff....
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Re: Before I was a parent....

I got PG at 21, so my time was limited. I was able to go out every night and do something. Hang out with friends whenever I wanted, go dancing, sleep, and had it easy.
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Re: Before I was a parent....

Before I had kids I was early to everything. Now unless it's important like work I show up late and everyone understands that getting 2 kids out the door can be a trial and a half.

Before I had kids laundry was my favorite chore - I could sit on the couch or the bed and fold laundry while watching my favorite shows. Now I can sit on the couch or the bed and fold laundry either after the kids have gone to bed while watching my favorite shows, or while the kids are still up I watch kid friendly shows and have the baby unfold what I've just folded and the 5 year old tackle me into the pile of laundry I've just folded.

Before I had kids I slept in. Now if one or both kids are not up by 9am I panic. The one and only time that happened, they'd both contracted a stomach virus and I spent the next 3 days cleaning up vomit.

Before I had kids I had perky full b cup boobs, and a nice slim body. Now I'm 30lbs heavier, have no concept of energy to work out, and the boobs are twice the size and not so perky.

Before I had kids, Dh and I were movie buffs. We went to the show several times a year. We could drop anything and go see a movie at the drop of a hat. Last year my mother's birthday gift to me was to look after my 5 year old and 1 week old so I could see the avengers, and I nursed the baby down at 8 months old to sneak out and see Les Mis while she napped. Those are the only movies I saw in 2012 in theaters.
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- I was a morning person. Now I hate getting up in the morning, but unfortunately DS is a very early riser.

- I wanted to be a SAHM. Now after being home for 1 year mat leaves for each of my kids, I love going to work.

- I loved going to the gym and getting fit. Now I'm lucky if I get in a twenty minute workout video in the wee hours of the morning.

- I was a huge movie and tv buff and knew all about the stars and what was coming out. Now I'm lucky if I see a movie in the theatre more than once a year, and even luckier if I manage to stay awake.

- I hated snuggling. Now the best part of my day is when DS wakes up at the crack of dawn and snuggles in bed with me or when DD cuddles with me before she goes to bed at night.

- I ate out less. Now, I can't make it through the day without hitting up Starbucks, and we eat at least one meal out a day most of the time. I just can't handle cooking ALL the time.
Amanda - happily married wife to N and mother to B and C
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