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Depends on the person. My MIL wants a very specific list. She'd ideally want links to the exact thing the kids want so she gets precisely what they want.

My brothers would rather be given a list of interests so they can have fun hunting up the perfect give that suits their likes and dislikes. They like to see if they can find something they wouldn't think to ask for but would still love. (They do a good job too).


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I have several amazon wish lists so I just point people to those when they ask. My family loves to give gift cards, and they know where I shop, so I get some of that too.
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Re: When people ask for gift ideas

I agree - it depends on who the list is for. My MIL has to have a very specific, exact description of any gift she ever gets my DD....she has NEVER bought her anything without approving it with me (her idea, not mine), double checking the exact model number, etc. Sometimes it actually drives me nuts b/c I just would like her to be able to pick something on her own, or get a daughter is only 2, after all, lol. My mom? She could shop forever for my daughter, and not need an idea list, and she always does a great job. Now, when I want to buy my teenage brother and sister something for Christmas or birthdays, I do ask for at least a bit of a specific list, only because their wants are so specific at this point.
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For the big items I am very specific. Partly because it makes it easier for my parents and the inlays as thy are getting older shopping is becoming more of a hassle for them. The other reason I am very specific is to avoid overlap. My mom and mil think too similarly! I've already learned my lesson with DD's first birthday coming up because they have both gotten her a very similar toy. In fact, I think I am going to insist that they speak with each other over Christmas and coordinate gifts...

Otherwise, for the small stuff I am pretty general. We are a family that loves Disney, so everyone knows when in doubt just get something Disney!

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I think you know your family best and what they'd find most helpful. I am very generic (books, trains, art supplies, playdough, duplo or wood blocks), but have mentioned some specific things like no winter clothes (we have very little winter) or either imaginairum or brio trains (because thats what set we have). Very few people ask me for suggestions though. My aunts and uncles always ask toys or clothes, but thats mainly it.
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Re: When people ask for gift ideas

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
I'm more general...
For example - Star wars "stuff", lego, art supplies etc
Without giving being too specific so people can choose something in their own price range.

HOWEVER with very close family if my LO wants something very specific I will mention it by name and ask if they want to get that specific thing.
Me too. I send FIL (MIL died a year ago, and FIL just struggles with what to get the kids) photos of things they would love from Target. I try to give him a range from $20-$75 items so he can pick from 5 or 6 things. He likes this.

The rest, I just said...DD loves craft stuff, DS loves cars and GeoTraxx, and the baby loves books and dolls.
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A few years ago my aunt made a Google docs sheet for stuff her three kids like with both general and specific items. She keeps clothing sizes updated too and shares with anyone who asks. If there is a specific item there and you buy it you put your name in a column that it's off the table. We have a huge family so this has been really helpful especially if you shop sales or want to make sure they still like certain stuff.
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Re: When people ask for gift ideas

I would appreciate such a list from immediate family, it saves time and sanity. I would perhaps go thro with this list with my mom to give one of the expensive gifts(like gym) together to my niece.

And I just read all the responses. I wish I had a girl for my mom to shop for. My grandma and she would've spoilt her. She just enjoys shopping for the right things for my boys and turns out DS1 doesnt care much for anything other than cars.
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Re: When people ask for gift ideas

Depends on what they are looking for and who it is. Pretty much for every body but family I just give a general idea- she likes sharks, fairies, craft stuff- and leave it at that. For my in-laws they want to know exactly what to buy- I mean exactly including store and item number. They have a $50 limit so I give them one thing to buy. Sometimes its $50 and sometimes its under. If its way under then I usually give them a list of 2 or 3 very specific things and they pick from it. If its just a little under, I don't tell them anything else because they will get her little stuff anyway. They always do. They spend the $50 then buy her another $20 or so in little stuff. I prefer not limit people's choices but my in-laws are like that for all gifts. DH's whole family tells everybody what to buy. Its weird to me.
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Re: When people ask for gift ideas

I tell certain people specific things if they ask. If it's for a b-day party, I might say, "oh he really likes toy animals" or w/e. I also don't give the same list to everyone cuz I am afraid everyone would buy like the 1st thing on the list. So I might tell my mom, "museum passes", my dad, "art supplies" my IL's "shoes" or whatever. If only they asked, LOL
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