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Re: Do you get much adult interaction?

Just at Sunday school, and even then not much. I am terribly shy and probably come across as snobby because people have to talk to me first, I just can't make myself do it. My one good long term friend and I are on the outs, she is having some serious mental health issues and refuses to get help. It is scary and I can not have my children around her in the state she is in.

I am similar to other posters, I actually enjoyed working because that is how I did make friends. I can't wait for the day all my littles are in school (although it will be a long time since only 2 of the 4 even exist right now!) and I can find some sort of work purely for the social aspect.


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I have none really. I have mild social anxiety so I have a really hard time meeting and making friends. I'm in a couple of moms groups but a lot of them know each other already so its pretty intimidating to jump into conversation. Its pretty lonely most days. I'm just so happy the internet gives me a way to talk to others. I imagine I would go completely insane without it.
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Re: Do you get much adult interaction?

I don't get enough adult interaction outside of the internet and the only person who has ever asked about it (other than my hubby) is one of our single guy friends.

I go to Mommy Nights Out once or twice a month with my local Mommy friends. I didn't have but a friend or two up until recently when we "reconnected" with one of my husband's old friends and her family. She has kids close in age to mine and we all get along really well. We've been doing dinner get togethers about every week since then, though we have had to skip a few due to sickness. It is nice to have friends that are like us. Other than that, all of our other friends are single and/ or across the country.

I'm limited in the amount of things I can do during the week because we are a single-vehicle family and it would completely mess up our kids' sleeping schedule for me to take hubby to work in the morning and pick him up in the evening, so I only do it when it's very important that I go somewhere that day.
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I get lots of adult interaction because I work at a pharmacy like cvs. Of course most convos are short but I have made quite a few acquaintances. One lady has four kids and she's a huge couponer. I help her shop and she lets me hold her little one. Makes me want another baby lol. She actually told me to look her up at facebook but I always forget her name. I also have two local best friends but we only see each other once a month if that. We do a lot of texting.
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I need a lot so I go to church, small group, playgroup with friends from church, and I am about to join a local MOMs group. Plus I go hang out with friends at least once a week and I see my parents at least every other week.

I think I'm only home by myself all day maybe 1-2x a week
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Re: Do you get much adult interaction?

None. I have no friends, I don't drive and my husband works and goes to school full time so there is no time left for socializing. I have social anxiety and have a hard time making friends with other women, I get along ok on a superficial level but keeping up casual friendships taxes my nerves.
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Re: Do you get much adult interaction?

Very little. Entirely by choice, though. I turn down invites all the time. Frankly, I'm surprised anyone still *bothers* to invite me
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Re: Do you get much adult interaction?

Not much. I am a SAHM and we go to church on sunday, but there really is not a lot of social interaction there.
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Re: Do you get much adult interaction?

rarely outside of family. MIL has moved in to help with the kids and then DH when he gets home and those are the only real 2 adults that i have regular interaction with. and now that im on bedrest it really seems like those are the only 2 adults i ever see.
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Ha, no. I talk to my mom every day. But it's almost always about the kids. I go to a babywearing group once a month, but haven't gone in the last two months. I talk to my friend Kayla on the other side of the country. She's probably the only adult stimulation I get that involves regular talk in conjunction with kid talk.

I don't think I even know how to talk about anything other than my kids anymore.

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