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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I was exposed to cloth for the first time about 5 years before I was ever pregnant by a friend with a baby. Her stash was all pockets - fuzzibunz i think? and she showed them to me and i thought they were SO CUTE! We are a generally green household and like the lifestyle, so when DH and I conceived, we talked about it. he was cloth diapered and so were his 3 bros/sisters, so he was on board, although all he knew of were flats and plastic pants (what his mom used), and he still thinks we should be using a wet pail with bleach because that's how she did it! lol, i make the diaper decisions though. when i was preggo, i worked at a resale kid's store and worked for trade for several different diapers there. we also got an entire stash of WAHM contours from DH's cousin, plus a full stash of nikki's wool wrap covers. that's what we started with, and soon bought 5 cheapie pockets off ebay. i tried about every diaper out there (although i've never tried an AIO). i've sold almost everything we started with and are down to sized prefolds (GMDs and imagine), swaddlebees and imse vimse organic fitteds, wool pull-on covers - soakers and longies, and a couple of Thirsties velcro wraps. i have serious prefold and fitted love, as well as wool love (although i love my thirsties wraps for out and about, for sitters to use, or for when i know to expect poop at the next change). we're keeping this stash for the next baby if we have another, or to gift to my sister in law if she ever has a baby.


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I first saw cloth in action when I was 14 and babysitting 6 kids. They used prefolds and plastic pants to save money. I thought it was cool in theory, but I was pretty grossed out when I had to change a poopy diaper.

Then I had my first baby. He had sensitive skin. We were always battling a rash, so I started looking at cloth. My Internet research led me to Jillian's Drawers (my brain is fuzzy, so I may have gotten that wrong) where they offered a trial package. I fell in love. We first leaned towards pockets, but I've now run the gamut of options. I still come back to flats, prefolds, fitteds, wool, easy covers for dh, and the 6 pockets that have lasted through two kids already.

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We will be moving up to Northern Canada soon and diapers are very expensive there because everything is flown in or shipped by barge. I started out with some gDiapers but wasn't completely satisfied with those. Now I have a mixed stash of BG 4.0s, Freetimes, elementals, swaddlebees, apple cheeks, amp and prefolds, fitted and wool. I love them all for different reasons and will never go back to disposables. Even though we started out for the money and convenience (we would have to buy 6 months to a years worth of disposables up North which seemed overwhelming to me), I've realized the environmental and health benefits to cloth and am so glad we made the switch
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I was cded and my parents talk about how easy/motivating to pl your little ones with diapers. They said, "oh, you get really tired of washing diapers and that really keeps you motivated to potty train. Oh and the pail. You get tired of that pail." Anyway, so I like to do green things. So I always knew deep down that I would cd. So when I got pregnant, I was working at a place that wasn't very busy which lead to lots of time to research. My cousin did gdiapers so I asked them. I just wanted to see the new ones in action but I couldn't find a B&M store in the chicagoland area. I ended up finding some gdiapers, I found a high end baby store with BG pockets so I bought 4. It was been from there that I do AIO's and prefolds with covers. I have decided after giving way to much of my money to BG's that I really don't like them. Luckily, the cding has lead me to ecing and I am in the process of pling my 16 month old with relatively good results.

I do find cding motivating to pl early. After 3 years of constant cding, I am ready to be done with diapers period. My sil is a little squemish about poop accidents with her 2 year old dd. She is not used to dealing with poop, just roll up the sposi and through it in the trash. But with cd, you have to spray or swish poop everyday so pling is no biggy.

Okay, I will step off the soap box now.

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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I'm not really sure. It just happened....
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I took some pictures of stuff I had bought my DD1 when I was pregnant with her and an acquaintance saw the baby washcloths from Etsy and asked if they were cloth wipes. I didn't e rn know about cloth. She told me all about it and I was hooked instantly. That was late 2009.

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I saw an ad for g diapers in a magazine. My first daughter was already a year old but I wanted to try them. After researching I purchased a BG AIO, thirsties pocket, fuzzibunz, softbums and happy hieny to try. I love looking at my original stash shot
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

Originally Posted by simplykarenp View Post
I wanted to cd from with my first child, but I honestly had no idea you could cloth diaper without a diaper service.
Same here! I looked into diaper services when I was pregnant with my first, did the math, and figured our that disposables were actually cheaper. I didn't know that owning and washing cds at home was something that people actually did. I figured that would be akin to living without electricity or indoor plumbing. To be fair, I had never changed a diaper, period, so I had no preconceived notion about the differences between cloth and disposables, but I just assumed that you couldn't put a poopy diaper in the washer. I didn't even think about cloth diapers again until I met a mom who used them and told me about how easy they are. I was expecting my second by that time, so I decided to give cloth a try on dd. The first thing I bought was an Econobum trial pack and I liked it enough to keep going. It took a lot of trial and error, but now i have a nice big stash that I'm pretty happy with.
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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I had wanted to CD before my ds12 was even born, but my husband at the time said no way. By the time ds12 was a toddler, I just started doing it. I figured ex-h hardly EVER changed diapers anyway (and he NEVER did the laundry) what the heck!

Our first diapers were a mix of premium sized prefolds (back when they didn't have "sized" like they do now). Some were chinese pf, most were homemade flannel prefolds with bears on them. There was also an assortment of covers that come in the "lot". I got the whole kit and caboodle for about $30 ppd! Heck of a deal with over two dozen prefolds and about six covers.
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Hi mamas lol I started using cloth by accident I had baby # six after 12 years it was a big shock I was done raising kids I'm a grandma as well lol and for me to be a new mom is very strange and tiring but love it. Well I came to cloth by searching interment for cheap. Diapers thinking only. Cheap disposables would show up and low and behold I see all these gear cloth diapers Man I wish I had these for my other 5 kids lol
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