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What are your boundries when it comes to posting on DS?

I am curious about this. Not long after I joined DS, there was actually a thread (I think complete with poll) on how many times a day you go #2.

Here are some of my boundaries, what I will or won't share -- what are yours?

I try not to post anything that presents my spouse in a bad light -- he is the most important person to me, and I see posts that might bring him down as kind of a lack of faithfulness to our marriage-- unless someone asks a question about a marriage struggle, and I can answer in general terms how we overcame a similar struggle.

I do not post details about our sex life, like do we do this or that. Also tend to avoid details about bodily functions.

I tend not to answer posts that ask questions like "at what age do you think its OK to leave your child alone at home while you run to the store", not because this is private information, but because I never want it to come back and bite me somehow -- like I say 11 years old, and then come back and find out the legal age in our state is 12. Any answer that could be twisted by anyone to make me look like a neglectful parent, I just avoid.

I try also to protect my kids' privacy, and not post too many details about problems we might have with them. An exception was a resolved learning issues with my son, as I really felt the information might help the post I was responding to. But I TRY to think, would my kid be unhappy, now or at a later date, if he or she found this information about himself posted on the internet, even if our real names aren't used?

I'm sure I've skirted these boundaries on some occasion or another, but this is in general terms.

What are your boundaries?


Sarai, RN, non-profit volunteer, cloth diaper ministry, Married for 20 years, mama to 2 kids on Earth, and 2 little girls in Heaven, G., T., K. and J.

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I share pretty much everything except, as you said, things that could be twisted to make me look neglectful.
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I try try try not to post about DH if I am mad/upset/in the moment, bc I tend to overreact and I dont want that online for all time :-)
I post absolute minimal details about work, as anyone who even suspected they knew me would figure it out asap, also it is a highly secure facility and I could get in lots of trouble!
I do not use real names, nicknames, or post pics of my family. Well, except fir the dogs, which again could be a huge giveaway, but i figure they will never be teens who hate me :-)
My screen name is not any combo of my name, DH or DD's name either. I am just weird about that.
These rules apply to all online interactions (i am not on fb, gasp). There is a local forum i frequent bc everyone is "anonymous" - which is easy and makes for some interesting drama :-)
Eta: poop is fair game :-) dh and i discuss it all the time :-)
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Re: What are your boundries when it comes to posting on DS?

It is disrespectful to your husband/wife/partner to EVER speak negatively about them to ANYone. I would never disrespect my husband.
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I don't post any pictures of my kid's face.
Nothing bad about my relationships irl, because I feel that it would weaken my irl relationships and make my DS relationships stonger; no offense, I would just rather be closer to my DH lol
Nothing overly personal
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I post pretty much what I'm feeling that I know you ladies you bring to light on. If I'm upset at DH, I'll write about it to see if I'm being irrational (I usually am) and then I'll go appologize to him and smooth things over if people think I'm crazy. I don't post my living children's or my or DH name, where we work, or where we live.

Soryr fro typos. Setn by iPhone.
Wife, WAHM, born-again Christian, proud mommy to my loving, energetic son (4) and blessed, miracle daughter
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Re: What are your boundries when it comes to posting on DS?

I don't post negative things about my husband and I'm not a fan of talking about gross fluids/solids whether they are natural or not. There may be other things, but I just cross those bridges when I come to them. There are some threads that turn me right off, whether they are just not interesting or there is just too much drama already for me to try to figure out what is happening (like the Sparkling whatevers thread - I'm just staying away).

*About the husband thing - I have read many threads where women were complaining about what husband does or doesn't do, or whatever, and I think to myself "what a jerk!," and then in another, unrelated thread, the mama will be singing his praises to the heavens. Well, I just don't want to fall into that trap. My husband is 97% wonderful and I don't want anyone here to think differently because I choose to peel back a tiny corner of the pretty picture. I prefer him to be "perfect" here, because the reality isn't much different.
No judging though, mamas can vent all day long imo.
I run the Frontier Wholesale co-op in February, May, August & November
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Re: What are your boundries when it comes to posting on DS?

no pictures. if info via friend i dont list names. hhhhhhmmmmm..... if i have wwquestions i ask as here is like only place i know with people that have older kids than i .... not very helpful when u have oldest kids in friends citrcle......or some dont cloth diaper to talk on cds to them... sometime s i know i just need to vent someplace again no actual names like my vent on last min ute freak out from family..... again no names but obviously i have 1 hubby... but few kids... i just say oldest or something like mty period thread.....
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Re: What are your boundries when it comes to posting on DS?

No names, no pics of faces, I do not bash my DH, no work info for DH or I unless very general, no bedroom talk so to speak.

My user name is not related to me at all, just a random word i picked out.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.
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Re: What are your boundries when it comes to posting on DS?

I try very hard to not say anything negative about dh. He is an amazing man, and the rare occasion I am frustrated with him, I don;t want to share and make him look bad.

I am working on not sharing TMI. I went through a month where for some reason I shared about all sorts of stuff, then realized my husband would probably not be thrilled with that, so I will not be posting tmi things, especially anything pertaining to the both of us

(so ladies- if you care to, if it seems I am sharing a lot-- please feel free to call me out on it so I can edit. Would love the accountability of that )
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