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Elliptical and Treadmill talk

Hi everyone.
We are not financially ready to purchase an elliptical or treadmill, but I'd love to someday....! And I want to hear your story about what you have (elliptical or treadmill), and what you love about that one vs. the other. And if you are lucky enough to own both of them, please do poke yourself in the eye for me... I mean, God bless you.
And, where do you keep your beloved cardio machine? If you have second floor, do you keep it there?

My story is, I love running currently.... well, it's a love-hate relationship really. I hate running, and my body is rely not made for running. But, I run about every other days outside.

I'd love to own a treadmill for bad weather days, for the days I'm too busy to really go outside to run (I need someone else in the house to watch the kids if I decide to run outside, you know? but if I had a treadmill, I could watch the kids and run at the same time.) And lastly, to save my joints. I think treadmill is easier on joints than running outside.

But my husband is not a fan of cardio machines in general, particurally treadmills. He thinks they are more dangerous than ellipticals, and he says if I really want one, he'll get an ellipitical for me someday.

Originally, I wanted to have an elliptical in the office. But he wants to use that room for something else there. Office use and hobby use.
He wants to set up the garage as a home gym. And he said just keep the cardio machine there.

I did my research and found out that most companies do not honor the warranty if cardio machines are kept in the garage. And it might get too cold there which is not good for the belt inside the treadmill.

So today, I said would you consider having the hobby room elsewhere and keeping the elliptical in the office room?

He says well, he'll think about it, but how about an elliptical? If it was an elliptical, he wouldn't mind having it in the home office room, he says.

Well, elliptical is not running, but it is easier on my joints. I am wondering if I will love the elliptical idea better.

I am also wondering if keeping an elliptical upstair will be loud at all while it is at use. I know for the fact that running on cardio upstair is very, very loud. If you have an elliptical machine upstair, is it loud on downstair? Does it shake the house like having a treadmil upstair?

That got me curious about asking other people, what do you have and how do you like your cardio machine?

Thanks in advance. And happy exercising everyone.


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Re: Elliptical and Treadmill talk

I have both. I have a Sole treadmill that I bought new online about 8 years ago. We bought it because it rains quite a bit here, and we don't have sidewalks. I'm afraid to run next to cars going 45mph!! Anyway, it's been awesome. I've done runs for almost 4 hours on it. About a year and a half ago, we picked up a Proform elliptical from a garage sale. I wanted to get one because it felt easier on my body. My husband uses it for tabata workouts. We have a small gym area where we keep our workout equipment. When I bought my treadmill, we lived in an older home on post and pier blocks. It shook the house when we did sprints. We have no issues with either machine now, but I live in a single floor home on a concrete foundation. I like being able to switch it up but if I had to pick one, I'd pick my treadmill. Treadmill running is easier than outside running. You can increase your incline to try to compensate. If you are training for a race, I would continue to run outside at least a couple times a week. I run around my property when the weather is nice. Happy running!
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Re: Elliptical and Treadmill talk

What about a bike with a trainer? That way you can take it out when you want (and have time) to be outside. And you can stick it on the trainer when you need to be inside with the kids. It's compact enough that you can have it in whatever room the kids are in.

Biking should be easy on your joints too.
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Re: Elliptical and Treadmill talk

I have an elliptical because my bum knee and my back dont like treadmills. I keep mine in the sunroom, so can't help with the noise of second floor issue you raised. And I have never been a runner, so I don't know which you'd prefer if you are wanting to keep up with that. I feel I get a good workout on my elliptical when I do the programs, as it varies the resistance to simulate hills.
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Re: Elliptical and Treadmill talk

We just purchased an elliptical and have it in our bedroom on the second story of our house. Since the movement is smooth, there is no sound downstairs, even when you're in the room directly underneath. I often workout in the morning while YDS sleeps (in our bed) and it doesn't bother him in the least bit.

Since you already run, I would get the elliptical to vary the workout a bit. We went the elliptical route because both DH and I have bad joints. We are both very happy with our purchase.

Is your husband concerned about the noise level? Is that the reason he wouldn't want it in the office?

We purchased this elliptical and are very pleased. The only thing we dislike is that it really doesn't accommodate taller people. I am 5'4" and DH is 6'3". I like it fine, but DH has to hunch and the stride isn't long enough for him.

ETA the link for the elliptical:

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