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Cutting Electric Costs

Last summer out electric bill was crazy high because our A/C ran so much as it was blazing hot outside.
I'm hoping its not as bad this summer.. But what are some ways to cut electric costs down, especially in the summer?


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Re: Cutting Electric Costs

What sort of home do you live in? Is it old? New? What kind of windows do you have? Is it insulated? Is your lot shaded or directly in the sun? How old is your AC unit? has it been serviced/tuned up? is it large enough for the size of your home?

The insulation, windows, and ac type/condition make a HUGE difference. I don't know what "crazy high" means exactly - but blown in insulation (you can rent a machine from lowes and do it yourself) in your attic will make a considerable difference. Your attic is HOT and if you don't have enough insulation in your attic floor (which is your interior ceilings) that can cause a lot of over heating. It's not very expensive to do it either....

Windows are obviously more expensive to replace. Long term though worth the cost.

Essentially anything you can do to create a "barrier" between the heat and the cool air .... your home may just be very inefficient at doing such. My parents rent - they have zero control over any of the above things and their electric bills in the summer are insane. I have the same size house as they rent (we live in the same city) but my bills are at minimum HALF of theirs due to the fact that we have news windows, plenty of insulation, and new, properly sized and maintained ac unit, shade trees, etc.

I have a 1400 sq ft house, summer temp averages between 95 and 100, with lows in the high 80s..... my thermostat is set at 72 and i never have an electric bill higher than 150.
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I don't even try in summer (AZ). I just cry when I get the bill. Lol. I'm miserable of hot so I run the AC 24/7 in summer
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Originally Posted by 5PrincessMommy
I don't even try in summer (AZ). I just cry when I get the bill. Lol. I'm miserable of hot so I run the AC 24/7 in summer
We are in AZ too. I hate hot, but keep the air up during the day because I just don't need it that cool. At night it's on 76. When it's still 90+ at 2 am you do what you have to do!

The biggest money saver I find is hanging my clothes. Even when it's 110+ I hang my clothes. My skin feels like it might burn off, but my checkbook appreciates it!
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We live in Tx where it's an average of 95+ in the valley with a considerable amount of humidity at least half the time. I try to keep the ac at 72, we have ceiling fans in the living room and master (we want to get them in all rooms) and we have 1-2 box fans running during the day to help.
We keep the blinds up but curtains closed (they are thin so light still comes in) and I try not to use the oven if I can help it. We have a roaster over that sits on the counter so if I wanted to do an oven dish I can use that and not heat up the entire kitchen. I use the crockpot 1-2 times a week as well.
To check if you have any gaps in the doors, we wait until dark and someone stands outside with a flashlight shining around the door and the person on the inside can see how much light is coming through.
I hang dry most clothes (except DH's dress hurts because I hate ironing them!) so that cuts the dryer cost. I try to get diligent about turning lights off, only flushing the toilet for poo or a couple of pees and making the kids wear clothes multiple times before washing-unless they are just really dirty and with boys it's often. Every little bit helps.

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Re: Cutting Electric Costs

In the Summer I find that if I keep the East blinds shut during the am, South shut all day, and West shut in the pm it helps keep those rooms cooler. If you have mini blinds you can have them tilted up so that the light/heat are reflected back out but you still have light in the room. Drapes and blinds just have to be shut. Keep the A/C set as high as you can stand it and have fans to move air in the room(s) you are currently using. Try to use the oven and other heat producing appliances as little as possible and when you do need to use them try and do so as early in the am as you can while it is still cooler outside. Line dry as much of your laundry outside as you can all summer long.
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I started putting a couple of beach towels in the dryer to cut drying time.
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Re: Cutting Electric Costs

we have all electronics either plugged into a power strip or on a light switch. That helps a ton because they all suck energy all the time. We keep them completely powered off unless we are actively using them. We also keep the lights off most of the time and use sunlight to light the rooms. We hangdry our laundry and air-dry the dishes in the dishwasher. We have insulation and good windows and close the crawlspace vents and out heat and air is 3 years old and the best energy saving we could afford. I hate high electric bills and have done as much as I can to lower them (except get rid of the TV all together or the fish tank with t-5 lights)
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