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Re: Boys and nail polish

Both of my boys had their nail, fingers and toes, until the summer before they started school. I explained to them that they can only have their toes painted to go to school and they had to keep their shoes and socks on.

My boys are now 20 & 22 and they are both strong men... Neither have any emotional problems from having painted nails.

I did have a little argument with the in-laws because they were VERY much against it. This just made my boys want their nails painted every time we went over there.


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Re: Boys and nail polish

This is a shame. I work in a preschool (currently on maternity leave) and alot of the little boys wear nail polish on their hands and toes. No judgments are ever made, but its a pretty progressive school with alot of progressive parents. Sorry your lo had to go through this.
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Re: Boys and nail polish

I have no qualms about painting my boys nails any color they want (well as long as we have it) and letting them out in public that way. DS1 (first grader) has even gone to school a few times with painted nails, although he is more sensitive now to other kids opinions that painted nails are a girl thing. I try to encourage him to do what he wants and wear what he wants, and not worry about other people's opinions.
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I haven't painted DS's nails, but only because he hasn't asked. If he did ask though I would. I'd also let him pick any colour he wants.
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Re: Boys and nail polish

I bought my DS some orange piggy paint. He wants to paint his nails too so we got a color that would be more appropriate. We only paint toe nails in our house (including myself) so they are pretty much hidden except around the house or during summer w/open toes.
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My son has had his nails painted more colors and times than I can remember. I have done it, his sister and he comes home from his Out of School care program with them done as well.
I don't care. He also has long hair, plays hockey, loves barbies, construction and beavers of all things. He is just who he is and doesn't care what other think of expect of him. I remember one time he asked me "why do people care so much about what I do?" I honestly had no answer for his question because I don't know
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My son's toes are currently green

I don't see a problem with it. We only do toes though (even me, fingernails chip to easily for my taste lol) so they are usually covered up at preschool.

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Re: Boys and nail polish

I have a friend whose son was teased for having his fingernails painted purple (he was in kindergarten at the time). So his dad painted his fingernails purple too . I suppose it could have backfired and given the other kids more ammo, but it gave Riley a huge boost in confidence, and as far as I know the other kids got over it.

I obviously don't know cos my kid is only 1, but I suspect from watching my nephews that, at your little one's age, gender conceptions are still relatively malleable - and while other kids might comment about it, and make statements about it ("pink is for girls, not boys"), those conclusions are not quite set in stone yet. So if your son says that he's a boy who has pink fingernails, the response from his peers might be, "huh. Empirical evidence refutes my assumptions. Do I revise my conclusions?" .
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Re: Boys and nail polish

Thank you for all the thoughtful replies!
I think we will just keep going as we are. I will give him a warning on what someone may say or think and allow him the choice. If he eventually gets made fun of or questioned, we will talk about ways he can handle it. I do want him to be confident and I also want him to feel like he has choices.
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Originally Posted by 7mom7
I only have boys so there isn't a lot of girly stuff in the house but they do notice when my nails are painted and they think it's cool. Same thing when they see me putting make up on. I just tell them it's for girls and they are boys like daddy, boys don't wear make up and nail polish (at least not in our house). I hope that doesn't come across as judgmental. I have friends and adult male relatives that do. It's just important for me that my sons identify with being boys and what that means in OUR family.

DH was raised kind of gender neutral (at least that's the best way I can think to describe it). He wishes that his parents had been more clear on certain things and he was made fun of during his elementary/jr high years. In high school he's told me about a specific incident that was a turning point for him...kind of sad actually. Our kids don't have to be all star football players or manly grizzly bear men but we do prefer the more traditional gender roles.
Yes, but the reality is that most kids are teased at least a bit through childhood...even the ones who only subscribe to gender roles. Kids tease each may not be nice but it is reality.
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