View Poll Results: what age did you leave the kids overnight?
0-2 months 6 4.41%
2-4 months 12 8.82%
6-12 months 10 7.35%
1 year + 75 55.15%
Never left my kids overnight 33 24.26%
Voters: 136. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

Minus my oldest (I was younger and not the same parent as I am today), everyone was at least 18 months. My oldest was 6 months and it was for 1 night.

I have not yet left the baby but will be leaving him in June (16 months) He's still nursing a ton so I'm not sure what I'll do about that (if that will be time to wean or if I will pump the whole time)


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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

All of mine were between 2.5-3. The first one was because her 4wk old sister wound up in the hospital. The other two were just for recreational purposes, spending the night with their grandmother or auntie.
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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

6 months, with my in laws who live two miles down the road. She wasn't sleeping through the night, and they did it monthly until a few months ago. They will start again soon, just didn't want to while it was super cold. The room she sleeps in doesn't have great heat.
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Six months. We leave DS with my parents for a few nights every month or two months. He LOVES "going on vacation" at his grandparents' house. They spoil him completely rotten while DH and I get to have adult time. Sweet! My parents are nuts but boy are they rockin grandparents!
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2 ish, to get her ready to stay at Grandma's during my son's birth. I think 2ish is about right for our family - I don't think Grandma could handle a full on baby/toddler overnight. In fact, we may have to wait until age 3 for my son and even then not both at the same time.

Btw, badmisterkitty... I'm not trying to pile on, but you seem really upset and angry. I don't think anyone here has any bad intentions.
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DD- about 3 years old
DS1- 18 months
DS2- 13 months

Got a bit more ready to ship them off earlier by the time I got to number 3, lol. Really this is indicative of when they weaned, because as soon as that happens I am ready to leave them! The older two are actually getting driven to the grandparents house tomorrow for a long weekend (they are 6 and 3) and my little guy will be spending one night with a friend to give the hubs and I a nice evening without kids...I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to it!
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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

DS was 17 months old when we left him with MIL for like 3 days and traveled cross-country. We did a sleepover (his first official night away) with her a week or so before that in preparation. He did great!

We left him again for a few nights when he was 22 months old. We were only 1.5 hours away that time. He stayed with my parents. He was able to vocalize this feelings more then. It was obvious that he missed us. My mom said that they were looking at pictures of us and he silently teared up. That broke my heart! He also happened to come down with a fever the first night we were gone on that trip. We almost came home. It was very hard for us to be away from him. It's probably harder on us than him!

We left him for a single night with he was 25 months old. I think he stayed with my parents again. I can't really remember. Maybe he stayed with MIL. He did just fine. That was no big deal at all.

We left him with MIL one night last summer when we went to a concert and we knew we would be home late. He was 29 months then. That was no big deal at all.

He stayed with MIL for 2 or 3 nights when we had DD this past September. He was 31 months old. He got to come to the hospital and visit. It didn't bother him at all. He loves staying with her.

DD is a few days shy of 6 months old and we've never been away from her overnight. We have no upcoming plans to be away from overnight. I was just asked to go away for a weekend and I declined. She's too young. I'm 13 weeks pregnant with her younger sibling, so it's probably going to be a very long time before I go away overnight with her. She will be without me when I go the hospital to have this baby though. She'll be right at 1 year then. We're having someone come to our home and stay with out kids in their environment when we have this one. I think that'll help the transition a bit more than having them go stay somewhere else.
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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

DD was 20 mos. DH and I were both in the wedding of two dear friends, and so had a weekend of hoopla and festivities.
Actually, MIL/FIL flew her to their house in a different state, kept her for 4 days, and flew her back (accompanied, of course). So we left her overnight + left her for multiple days + let her fly without us all in one shot!
Before that, bf + teething/nonsleeping issues meant that if I actually trusted you with her overnight (ie, no CIO) I liked you enough that I wasn't going to do that to you
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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

11 months because I had to! I was moving and it was the only time Ex could help...then was husband.
Oh wait I left her I guess over night at 7 months. I had emergency surgery and she was with my mom where she and I were staying. We were visiting. Ex was not with us on that trip. So I voted wrong.
Willingly left with no absolute need 11 years old, unless you count leaving her with her dad for a few days while I went on vacation when she was 5 years old.
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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

I assume you mean without Daddy. So with that assumption my son is 4.5 years old and hasn't spent a night without one of us.... unless you count his embryo period as he was an IVF baby, or his NICU stay. Personally I don't count either of those.
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