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Re: Brother/sister baths

My DD has zero modesty. At nine, she would still climb into the tub or get dressed in front of her brothers (who are 7 and almost 5). We are working on it and have now told her it is no longer appropriate for her to be naked in front of the boys. It just does not phase her...

My old answer would have been to follow the lead of the kids, but I hoped modesty would kick in before now. My DS 7 is the most modest of the bunch. He doesn't want to change in front of myself or DD, and gets antsy if either of us come into the bathroom while he is naked.

ETA I should say that she does have modesty in public situations (pool, friends' houses, etc...), just not at home where she is comfortable. I suspect she may be a nudist at heart.


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Re: Brother/sister baths

My 3 and 5 yr old still bath together. A few months ago my 8 yr old climbed in with them after her shower (they had a fun new bath toy she wanted to play with) but that is rare - she flip flops about no one seeing her naked and not caring. I remember sometimes (but not often) taking a bath with my older brother when I was K age and he was 2 yrs older than me. He was just my brother not a boy to me (if that makes sense) so I didn't think anything of it.

Sometime over the next year we'll probably start encouraging dd2 to be more independant in the bath and start having her shower by herself. It isn't that I think a 6 yr old shouldn't bath with her brother as much as that is the age we start working on being a bit more independent.
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I'm actually thinking about separate baths for my kids, but for different reasons. DS is 3 and DD is almost 18 months, and they constantly fight in the bath and its beginning to get on my nerves. DS doesn't like to share, and DD shrieks when she doesn't get what she wants.

At these ages they aren't really shy about their bodies, but I'd probably stop when DS turns about 5.
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I would think it would start becoming uncomfortable for your DD sometime soon. My brother and I were 22 months apart (I'm older) and around age 5 my parents stopped.
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My two DDs, 6 and 4, took a bath with DS, 2, last night. I would think we have at least another year or longer before the oldest may feel uncomfortable. Considering my kids still see naked on almost a daily basis it's not something I'm thinking about yet.
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I think is fine until they want to bath alone. At some point they will just prefer to be alone in the tub, whether its 2 girls, 2 boys, or a girl and a boy There is nothing inappropriate about nudity, bathing or play time.
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Re: Brother/sister baths

My DD1 is 6, DS is 3 and DD2 ia 21 months and they all shower together. The worst I've heard is a one-time heated debate between DD1 and DS where she yelled "NO, I HAVE BOOBIES, AND YOU ONLY HAVE NIPPLES!!!!"
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Re: Brother/sister baths

My 5 year old ds and 8 year old dd bathe together more often than not. When one of them wants privacy, they can have it. Ds will get into the shower with anyone that lets him. My oldest hasn't allowed anyone in the bathroom with her since she was around 7. My second dd will sometimes allow ds to hijack her shower and she is 11 (though she has not started to develop at all yet. I'm sure she'll start locking the door once the hormones hit). All of my girls became modest around dh at a young age (maybe 4-5), but they still just see ds as "the baby" and not really as a boy who shouldn't see them undressed. We just go by personal comfort, not any particular age.
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My daughter was about 5 when am she started requesting to bathe alone. I respected that.
That being said I don't really allow them to bathe that often. I prefer they shower it is faster and more hygienic in my opinion
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Re: Brother/sister baths

My 6 year old DS and 3 year old DD still bathe together. We'll stop when it gets uncomfortable. They notice differences but are not in any way curious. I've been waiting for DS1 to notice or shy away from seeing me naked but he has not. If he catches me walking from the bathroom to my closet he just keeps on talking and he has not once acted like it was any different. My DD on the other hand will point and ask questions so I imagine she will need her privacy before he will. DS2 bathes alone and may eventually join DD and DS1 will just shower alone.
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